Video Ezy – Disney iTunes 3D

Disney iTunes 3D is a 13 track vaporwave album by Video Ezy. It was released by the label オアシス BEAUTY® (also known as ‡‡welcome_ 美 ₰ou₦ds††, yes the label has two names) in 2014. The majority of the tracks on this release pay homage to the soundtracks of 80s and 90s sitcoms. Saxophones blaring fun family friendly melodies, delicately but effectively pitch shifted and warped into something both ridiculous and amazing. This release does contain some more serious tracks too like “Vanilla Fashion“, which sounds like a scene in a Tyler Perry sitcom when someone learns a lesson in life. This is a happy, fun, and uplifting album, the last track “When things change, it’ll always be okay” even confirms that.

When previewing the album my recommendations are:
The Family Afternoon™
Briefcase Success
Foldout Memories

Listen and download for free here


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