シルクP A N G E A ‎- CLIMATE グローバル

CLIMATE グローバル is an album by シルクP A N G E A ‎that was released on the label Business Casual in 2014. This album is vaporwave.

I’m really surprised I haven’t posted this before~! This is such an amazing vaporwave album. This album has such an awesome oldskool classic vaporwave sound and vibes. Very vaporwavey and awesome samples really nicely edited. Very minimally, but edited just enough in just the right ways to really deliver that classic vaporwave sound. Samples range from dope weather channel vibe jazz to 80s pop. This album really is a classic in my opinion and one of my favorites of the genre.

Listen to and download this awesome album for free here


ALIENOOD420 – SplashZone

I’m back to posting~! Its been so long since the last time I posted a review. I kind of burned out and after a very long (probably too long) break I’m back~! Expect reviews daily again~!

SplashZone is an album by ALIENOOD420  that was released on the label H.V.R.F. CENTRAL COMMAND in 2016. SplashZone is one of the albums that made me go back to posting. The music ALIENOOD420 makes is the new genre, Xwave. Xwave is born out of hardvapour (a subgenre of vaporwave) and is themed on aliens instead of the underground Ukrainian raves associated with hardvapour. Xwave has a much different sound than its parent genre, and I feel that this album is really good example of it.

First thing you’ll notice is the heavy use of melodies, something that isn’t the focus in hardvapour. Lots of slow sweeping synths combined with faster trance synths somewhat reminiscent of early 2000s and late 1990s dance music. This drastically sets Xwave apart from hardvapour, and is a really nice addition. ALIENOOD420 has really nice melodies going on, dancey but atmospheric at the same time. Another thing that’s different with xwave is the drums. They sound like a mix of footwork, IDM, hip-hop, and trap. The genre as a whole actually has some IDM vibes, the same upbeat but ambient stuff going on, but taken in a whole new, much more 2001 club friendly, direction. I think this genre has already pretty much died, which really sucks since Xwave is awesome.

Listen and download for free here

革 命 少 女 – 革 命 少 女 図 鑑

革 命 少 女 図 鑑 is an album by 革 命 少 女 that was released on the label E.A.LABo MUSIC in 2016. This album is vaporwave and ambient.

This is an amazing album~! The majority of the album is very ambient and doesn’t sound like vaporwave at all. Slow and warm synths that have a really rich sound to them. Really pretty melodies and an awesome vibe/feel to them. This is such a beautiful sounding album. There are also some tracks that resemble vaporwave more mixed throughout the album, one that sounds like some sort of vapour lounge, a chop and screwed J-pop (?) track, and a dark jazzy one. This album’s main focus though is on the ambient pieces which are really awesome. I also really like the album cover~

Listen for free and purchase here

DARKPYRAMID – A Heart Full Of Love

A Heart Full Of Love is an album by DARKPYRAMID that was released on the label Dream Catalogue in 2014. I know that both DARKPYRAMID and Dream Catalogue aren’t that obscure but I’m posting this anyways. This album is vaporwave.

This album is a concept album about a man who works at the “Dark Pyramid”, a research lab that produces androids, and a female android whom he has fallen in love with. The album tells the story through the vague track titles, the vibes of the tracks/the tracks themselves, and the brief story in the album info. Here is the story:

A Heart Full Of Love
2302 AD
A story from the black heart of the dark pyramid.

She was just a test model.
“But she was mine,” he said.

The album very much captures the story its trying to tell and it must be listened from beginning to end (no skipping around) to be fully appreciated and effective. The music on this album is awesome. Its very ambient with slow, calm, looping melodies. The sound of the tracks range between stuff that is more obviously vaporwave to different not so obvious sounds. The music can sound rather emotional too, which is perfect for the concept of the album. This album has a great atmosphere to it and is very of sounds such as rain, oceans, and large groups of people talking, all of which really build and develop the soundscape of the album. Some of the tracks have some percussion to them, usually stuff that mixes in with the ambiance but some have some minimalistic hip-hop percussion added which sounds really dope.

This is an amazing album, listen to it for free and purchase here

チェスマスター – 非実体

非実体 is an album by チェスマスター that was released on the label Dream Catalogue in 2015. This album is vaporwave, but it sounds nothing like regular vaporwave.

非実体 tells the story of someone getting a female android. Everything starts out fine, but gradually throughout the album / time goes on in the story the AI of the android grows and things make a turn for the worst. The album feels extremely eerie, even in the early tracks. The atmosphere of the album is so unique and creepy, and it really pulls you into it and into the emotions and feelings of the story it tells. In the starting of the album where things seemingly seem fine, the vibe is still offputting because you can feel the loneliness of the person who purchased the robot, and the surrealism and disconnection from reality of the situation. As the person helps the AI grow and become more life-like the tracks grow warmer with a more happier atmosphere. But in the intros and outros always have eerie recordings of  a Japanese girl’s voice and mechanical sounds and sounds of tasks being done, dragging the listener and purchaser in the story back into reality. Stuff then goes for a turn for the worst for both the purchaser and the android, and the vibe continues to be creepy.

Music wise, this album consists of lots of electronic sounds. Slow synths and textures phasing, fading, looping evolving, in a technique that is both similar to regular vaporwave and nothing like it. Nothing at all sounds slowed down, and it actually sounds much more like an ambient album. The addition of all the very unique samples and neat editing of the samples and how they blend into each other really help keep the feel of the story connected. And all of the tracks really fit the feel and vibe of the desired emotion and sections of the story each song represents. This is an amazing album.

Before listening read the description that the label provides:

“She is for indoor use only. • She is not a toy. Do not sit or stand on the device. Small children and pets should be supervised when she is operating. • Store and operate her at room temperature environments only. • Clean her with a cloth dampened with water only. • Do not use her to pick up spills of bleach, paint, or other chemicals, or anything wet. • Before using her, pick up objects like clothing, loose papers, power cords, and any fragile objects. • If the room contains a balcony, a physical barrier should be used to prevent her access and ensure safe operation. • She is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge. • Do not place anything on top of her. • Be aware that she moves on her own. • Be aware that she will develop her own feelings and emotions. • In case of emergency, activate switch behind headplate on the back of her skull. • We do not take responsibility for any accidents that may occur.”

Listen for free and purchase here–23

High School Drama Teacher – Night of Terror「成人専用」

High School Drama Teacher - Night of Terror「成人専用」 - cover
Night of Terror「成人専用」 is an album by High School Drama Teacher that was released on the label Lost Angles in 2016. This album is vaporwave.

This is a really unique vaporwave album and is unlike much of the genre. First off, the theme is pretty unique (and is awesome~!). The album is meant to be the soundtrack for a 2001 Dreamcast horror game. Of course albums intended to be seen as Dreamcast game soundtracks have happened before, they still stick to common vaporwave visuals and themes. This albums goes in a darker direction, as its meant to simulate the OST of an early 2000s horror game. The album cover fits the theme very well, and so does the music.

Many of the songs on this album don’t sound like the usual vaporwave at all. They’re much more dark, and sinister, and use much different sounding sample material. The tracks create a great atmosphere and really sound like they’re from a video game. This album really does capture the sound and vibe it was going for perfectly, and its awesome. This is one of my favorite vaporwave albums~

Listen to and download this awesome album for free here–5

// P E N T I U M 2 // ダニ – superkelly素晴らしいです [Peninsula Edition]

P E N T I U M 2 - ダニ - superkelly素晴らしいです -Peninsula Edition- - cover
superkelly素晴らしいです [Peninsula Edition] is an album by // P E N T I U M 2 // ダニ that was released in 2016 on the label DMT[REC]. This album is vaporwave.

This is a really awesome and fun album. Many of the tracks are actually upbeat and danceable. This is interesting because the album is still totally vaporwave, its not future funk. The danceable non-futurefunk vaporwave creates a really cool unique and entertaining vibe and sound throughout the album. The samples are great too, lots of 80s pop and what not. There’s even a track from Björk’s album “Debut” sampled in it. There’s some Depeche Mode samples too which sound really nostalgic to me since my mom would play them in the house a lot when I was growing up. This is a really awesome album~!

Listen and download for free here