Friandises ‎- Les Moules Et Les Frites

Les Moules Et Les Frites is an EP by Friandises ‎that was released on the label Philips in 1983. This release is French synth-pop.

This is a really awesome two track EP. The tracks are fun and full of great sounding sounds that I’ve only heard in underground 80s pop. There’s also a very obvious French vibe to this release, especially when the accordion comes in. Accordion + synth pop sounds like it might be an odd mix, but it sounds awesome. The melodies and singing is great too.

Listen to this EP here


Lio – Lio

Lio is an album by Lio that was released in 1980 on the label Ariola. This album is French pop and synth-pop.

This is such an amazing album~! This is really some top notch pop music. The melodies on this album are really good. The vibes in this album are so nice, mostly happy and fun with a good amount variety of melodies and feels. Lio’s singing and voice is really awesome too. Everything in this album is awesome.

Listen to it here

Merry Noise

Merry Noise were an electronica duo from the early 80s that consisted of Fumitoshi Ishino and Hidehiko Yoshino. The music they put out consisted of proto-IDM, ambient, experimental, and synth-pop. I don’t know if this stuff was ever officially released, but it has been uploaded by Takkyu Ishino (Fumitoshi Ishino) on YouTube.

The tracks range a bit. There’s some tracks that sound a lot like IDM (but came before IDM got started), these tracks feature drill n bass-style percussion, and IDM melodies and elements, but have that 80s underground Japanese experimental flare to them. There’s also some experimental / experimental ambient tracks. These ones sound darker, and are also pretty cool. There’s also a Depeche Mode cover present in this batch of songs.

Listen to these awesome tracks here

Foolish Mind ‎- Trip To Africa

Trip To Africa is an EP by Foolish Mind that was released in 1987 on the label CIM. The genres for this is synth-pop and new beat. New beat is a genre of dance music that was popular during the late 80s.

This EP has such a great sound to it. Its very dated, the melodies and percussion and what not is very 80s. The release is full of 80s pop melodies and dancey club music melodies. The release really carries on the club music vibe throughout, with simplistic up-beat dance beats and repetitive synth bass. The vibe on this EP is really nice, and the melodies are really good in it. There’s also vocals on this too which help deliver the synth-pop part of it.

Listen to this awesome EP here

Christelle – Brouillard Sur Londres

Brouillard Sur Londres is a single by Christelle that was released in 1985 on the label Slim Productions. This single is French pop.

This is a pretty nice little pop tune. Dated awesome melodies over very 80s sounded drums. Accompanied by Christelle’s singing which goes along perfectly with the melodies/vibe/tones. The melodies have a slightly serious feel to them, and the track doesn’t have a fun/happy sound to it, but still stays very poppy. Track uses both synths and guitars for the melody.

Check out this awesome single here

Boat Club – Caught The Breeze

Caught The Breeze is an by Boat Club that was released on the label Luxury in 2007. The best way I can describe/label this album is, Tropical Post-Rock Indie Synthpop. That name of course sounds ridiculous but that is seriously the best way to identify it.

This is an awesome album. The compositions have lots of post-rock guitar, but the guitar is like a hybrid of post-rock and synth-pop, melody wise. There is of course lots of synths too that create a nice atmosphere and backing to the guitar. The vocals they do are awesome too, calm slow singing that really goes with everything else creating a really nice sound. The percussion is like house drums but then with tons of tropical hand drumming with it. This is also one of my main go to albums for when its a really hot sunny day.

Listen for free and purchase here

Angélique – Si Je Pouvais / Joli Pantin

Si Je Pouvais / Joli Pantin is a single by Angélique released in 1989 on Glimique Records. Genres for this are synth-pop and electro disco. As usual with vintage singles, I can only find one side.

The track I can find is Joli Pantin. Its a pretty awesome track. Its oddly reminiscent of some Japanese new wave. Fun little simple melodies, drum machine percussion, and the vocals are much more spoken than they are sang. When the drum machines do fills it sounds really dope/dated (which I love~!). There’s also some kind of odd sound in the percussion, sounds kinda like a door shutting mixed with a man making a dog barking sound. This is a really nice track.

Listen to it here