しゅ~ふるまぁ~じゅ ‎- 1話目

1話目 is an album by しゅ~ふるまぁ~じゅ that was self-released in 2000. This album is technically visual kei, but it doesn’t follow the norms or sound of the genre AT ALL. This album is heavily inspired by children’s music and circus music, and its the greatest visual kei album ever made.

I love this album so darn much. Its seriously like listening to a kids show, complete with children’s show style singing, melodies, and even story parts with character voices. There’s numerous character voices in this album, some sound more avant-garde children’s music-esque, over-exaggerated ‎cartoonish voices, in the style of children, a little critter, and an old man (but mostly the first two). They sing and do story skits (like a hard af rap album son!) in these voices, accompanied by a rather monotone sinign male that isn’t in a character voice at all. The melodies and everything sounds very children’s music-like, which is one of my favorite traits for music to have. This album is really amazing.

Listen to it here


C Y B E R N ∆ Z I – Galactic Lebensraum

Galactic Lebensraum is an album by C Y B E R N ∆ Z I that was self-released in 2016. The music C Y B E R N ∆ Z I makes is fashwave, an alt-right neo-nazi subgenre of synthwave with a really awesome aesthetic. It seems the genre hadn’t got much attention until recently, but after some research it looks like its existed for at least a year. I never really got into synthwave stuff, but fashwave piqued by interest with the nazi stuff and the awesome imagery, and the music is awesome~! Fashwave, according to the website BlackSunRadio, is music for alt-righters to meme to. Good music for posting those EPIC Pepe memes fam haha xDDD troll dem cuccs, enter kekdom : – )

This is a really dope album. The melodies on this are awesome and really nicely done. Very obvious 80s vibes which is to be expected. But the melodies are much better than what I expected, they sound really good and well developed song structures. The music sounds very 80s, the melodies are great, the drums are dated, and there’s a great assortment of synths.

Listen and download for free here

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Gorugoth ‎- Ankoku Shinwa (Myth Of Darkness)

Ankoku Shinwa (Myth Of Darkness) is an album by Gorugoth ‎that was released on the label Cosmic Garden Productions in 1999. This album is black metal and is a compilation of previously released tracks.

This is an awesome album. The tracks have dope riffs which sound really menacing. The album is raw (which I love) leading to an often messy sound which is awesome. The drums and guitars sometimes get all muddied up (this is a good thing). His vocals are awesome, they switch between high pitch shrieks to low and evil sounding vocals. The album has an aggressive and angry sound and atmosphere to it, there was probably a good amount of anger put into these recordings considering the really unfriendly vibes. I know that like an insane amount of black metal is unfriendly, but this album really delivers that.

Listen to this awesome album here

ALIENOOD420 – SplashZone

I’m back to posting~! Its been so long since the last time I posted a review. I kind of burned out and after a very long (probably too long) break I’m back~! Expect reviews daily again~!

SplashZone is an album by ALIENOOD420  that was released on the label H.V.R.F. CENTRAL COMMAND in 2016. SplashZone is one of the albums that made me go back to posting. The music ALIENOOD420 makes is the new genre, Xwave. Xwave is born out of hardvapour (a subgenre of vaporwave) and is themed on aliens instead of the underground Ukrainian raves associated with hardvapour. Xwave has a much different sound than its parent genre, and I feel that this album is really good example of it.

First thing you’ll notice is the heavy use of melodies, something that isn’t the focus in hardvapour. Lots of slow sweeping synths combined with faster trance synths somewhat reminiscent of early 2000s and late 1990s dance music. This drastically sets Xwave apart from hardvapour, and is a really nice addition. ALIENOOD420 has really nice melodies going on, dancey but atmospheric at the same time. Another thing that’s different with xwave is the drums. They sound like a mix of footwork, IDM, hip-hop, and trap. The genre as a whole actually has some IDM vibes, the same upbeat but ambient stuff going on, but taken in a whole new, much more 2001 club friendly, direction. I think this genre has already pretty much died, which really sucks since Xwave is awesome.

Listen and download for free here

GiMGiGaM – Yashiki Resort

Yashiki Resort is an album by GiMGiGaM that was released on the label Mayoware Record in 2016. This album is a few genres but mostly instrumental soft rock stuff and ambient.

This is an awesome and relaxing album. This album definetely has some tracks that have a vaporwave sound to them, but this album is vaporwave. Very vaporwave-esque melodies/percussion/rhythm, heck there’s even some saxophone. The first two tracks are the most vaporwave-esque. The album then takes on a much more acoustic and ambient sound. Pretty acoustic guitar, ambient effects, ocean sounds, these ones are really calming. There’s a random dance track thrown in with these, then it closes with a jazz track. There’s also tropical vibes in some of the tracks.

Download for free here

Friandises ‎- Les Moules Et Les Frites

Les Moules Et Les Frites is an EP by Friandises ‎that was released on the label Philips in 1983. This release is French synth-pop.

This is a really awesome two track EP. The tracks are fun and full of great sounding sounds that I’ve only heard in underground 80s pop. There’s also a very obvious French vibe to this release, especially when the accordion comes in. Accordion + synth pop sounds like it might be an odd mix, but it sounds awesome. The melodies and singing is great too.

Listen to this EP here

革 命 少 女 – 革 命 少 女 図 鑑

革 命 少 女 図 鑑 is an album by 革 命 少 女 that was released on the label E.A.LABo MUSIC in 2016. This album is vaporwave and ambient.

This is an amazing album~! The majority of the album is very ambient and doesn’t sound like vaporwave at all. Slow and warm synths that have a really rich sound to them. Really pretty melodies and an awesome vibe/feel to them. This is such a beautiful sounding album. There are also some tracks that resemble vaporwave more mixed throughout the album, one that sounds like some sort of vapour lounge, a chop and screwed J-pop (?) track, and a dark jazzy one. This album’s main focus though is on the ambient pieces which are really awesome. I also really like the album cover~

Listen for free and purchase here