Adolf Satan – Adolf Satan

Adolf Satan is an album by Adolf Satan that was released on the label Bestial Onslaught Productions in 2004. This album is doom metal.

This album has really awesome heavy riffs. The guitar has so much weight to it its like some oversized Acme anvil crashing down at each strum. The music has a really awesome groove to it, obviously slower than majority of metal, but still upbeat enough to really be rocking. The album actually does get upbeat a lot, but still has an awesome doom sound. The vocals on this album and are high pitched, letting them cut through all the low frequencies like butter. They sound very Anal Cunt-esque, leading people to be confused thinking Seth Putnam did the vocals (which he didn’t but he did do drums for awhile for the band [not this album]). They also sometimes have a much different and really unique sound, and are the slowest aspect of the music.

Listen to this awesome album here


Gorugoth ‎- Ankoku Shinwa (Myth Of Darkness)

Ankoku Shinwa (Myth Of Darkness) is an album by Gorugoth ‎that was released on the label Cosmic Garden Productions in 1999. This album is black metal and is a compilation of previously released tracks.

This is an awesome album. The tracks have dope riffs which sound really menacing. The album is raw (which I love) leading to an often messy sound which is awesome. The drums and guitars sometimes get all muddied up (this is a good thing). His vocals are awesome, they switch between high pitch shrieks to low and evil sounding vocals. The album has an aggressive and angry sound and atmosphere to it, there was probably a good amount of anger put into these recordings considering the really unfriendly vibes. I know that like an insane amount of black metal is unfriendly, but this album really delivers that.

Listen to this awesome album here

Warloghe – The Black Tower

The Black Tower is an album by Warloghe that was self-released in 1996. This album is black metal.

This is a really nice album. The guitars are really nice in this, high-pitched and awesome melodies. There’s some bass too that shines really nice through the higher frequency guitars. I really like the melodies in this album. The vocal style in this album is interesting, no shrieks and stuff like that. But instead slow weird vocals that sound very strained.

Listen to this awesome album here

Eulalia – The Basement Demos

The Basement Demos is an EP by Eulalia that was self-released in 2011. This EP is raw black metal. Eulalia is one of the very first black metal bands I got into (probably the third or second!).

This album is awesome. Raw as fuck distorted black metal. The first track is very raw and sounds distorted and is rather hard to decipher whats going on. The second track is fast, intense, and aggressive. Fast blast beats and dope guitar all recorded raw with some weird crackly sounds in the mix. The guitar goes from riffs to just playing chaotically. The third track introduces vocals that sound awesome and like they have some reverb on them. This track is raw too with the same buzzing. In some parts the guitar drowns out the drums and its awesome. The EP closes with a track that’s much less raw than the others that has great riffs and blast beats.

I also love this band’s imagery. Lynette Bishop from the best anime ever Strike Witches and black metal, what is there not to love~!

Download this awesome EP for free here

Graal – Sigullum Naturae

Sigullum Naturae  is an album by Graal that was released on Moon Records in 1998. This album is progressive psychedelic black / death metal.

This album is really amazing and is an extremely unique black metal album. The album has an immense amount of technical skill. Guitars that are a mix of black metal, death metal, and psychedelic rock. Awesome and heavy use of bass guitar that sounds awesome and really helps push the unique sound. And dope drums that switch between very non-metal rhythms to jazz to metal. The composition of the tracks is really awesome. They’re progressive and the music really doesn’t sound that much like metal at times. The medlodies go allover the place, death metal, black metal, psyche rock, experimental, and really fun happy sounding stuff. The vocals are mostly lazy sounding and range in a few different styles black metal vocals and clean slow singing, and sound really dope. This album is really awesome and is really an experience.

As much as I hate pirating, the label KITSCH MAGIK has illegally re-released it as part of their “Copyright Infringement/ Bootleg” series, so you can listen to it and download for free there

Corpus Golgotha – Ilusiones

Ilusiones is an album by Corpus Golgotha that was released on the label Delirium Records in 1996. This album is black metal and doom metal.

This is a pretty dope album, they do a good job mixing doom metal and black metal. Sometimes its slow, sometimes its fast, sometimes it switches between the genres (or see-saws between them), and sometimes it blends the genres together; they definitely mix it up and keep the album exciting. The structure and stuff changes around too. The album has a nice level of rawness to it, gritty but you can easily tell and define everything. The melodies and vocals are dope too. This is an awesome album, Rosa Mística and Ilusiones are my fave tracks on the album~

Listen to this awesome album here


R (Demo #1) is an album by RRRRRRRRRRRRRR that was released on Infected Toilet Records in 2014. This album is gorenoise and noisecore.

I love this album~! Its really noisy, messy, and hectic. Guitars so distorted and downtuned that they’re hard to tell that they’re even guitar sometimes and just become noise. There’s also an unrelenting assault of cymbals crashing throughout the entirety of the album and it sounds awesome~! The vocals are really good too, very deep and like gurgling growls, like a septic tank bog curdles and gurgles. I love crazy grindcore like this.

Download it here (official upload from the label)