japanese music

嘆キ使徒 ‎- ツ···ラ··ラ

ツ···ラ··ラ is an EP by 嘆キ使徒 ‎that was self-released in 1997. This EP is visual kei. Its also only two songs, and only one is on YouTube.

私ノ静ム, the track that is on YouTube is really awesome. It has really heavy Japanese goth vibes and sound to it, especially with the vocals. Deep and sometimes drawn out. The instrument part of it fast and somewhat aggressive, lots of fast snares. Accompanied by lots of bass and some guitar accents. This is an awesome track.

Listen to it here


pyonpyon hardcore substance – Would you mind touching my heartbreak once again?

Lolicore, one of my absolute favorite genres, and the genre that has the biggest involvement with my life. Despite this I really don’t post it here that often, anyways, onto the review~

Would you mind touching my heartbreak once again? is an album by pyonpyon hardcore substance that was self-released in 2016 as part of the faux-collective endless saturday.mp3. As you can guess from the opening monologue of this review, this album is lolicore.

Whats interesting about pyonpyon hardcore substance is that his pyonpyon hardcore substance stuff often samples tracks with male vocals. This is pretty uncommon in lolicore, where female vocal samples often reign supreme. The tracks he sampled give the album an awesome Summer vacation vibe. Happy and carefree. His breaks are sample-delic, fast, and upbeat. The fast breaks with the J-rock samples, and sometimes speedcore/gabber, combined with the short track lengths lead to awesome bursts of lolicore energy.

Listen to and download this awesome album here


Kana – Spade

Spade is an album by Kana (sometimes called Moon Kana) that was released in 2004 on the label Kana Ichigosha (which I suspect was made just for this release).  This album is goth rock, but is much more modern than all the other goth rock posts I’ve made, and it has a much different sound than those albums too.

This album is obviously rock, but not always obvious on the goth. Probably since Kana is a gothic lolita, which is much different than regular goth and is a much different subculture. Though some tracks do obviously have a goth sound to them, its nothing like what I’ve posted before, much more milder and lolita-fied. Kana is known for her sometimes mildly jarring vocals which might be hit or miss for listeners, I like her vocals but if you don’t you probably wont really care for her music. Her singing is unusual, and the melodies accompanying her are great too. Tracks range from upbeat and rocking to pretty slow.

Listen to most of the tracks from this awesome album here

しゅ~ふるまぁ~じゅ ‎- 1話目

1話目 is an album by しゅ~ふるまぁ~じゅ that was self-released in 2000. This album is technically visual kei, but it doesn’t follow the norms or sound of the genre AT ALL. This album is heavily inspired by children’s music and circus music, and its the greatest visual kei album ever made.

I love this album so darn much. Its seriously like listening to a kids show, complete with children’s show style singing, melodies, and even story parts with character voices. There’s numerous character voices in this album, some sound more avant-garde children’s music-esque, over-exaggerated ‎cartoonish voices, in the style of children, a little critter, and an old man (but mostly the first two). They sing and do story skits (like a hard af rap album son!) in these voices, accompanied by a rather monotone sinign male that isn’t in a character voice at all. The melodies and everything sounds very children’s music-like, which is one of my favorite traits for music to have. This album is really amazing.

Listen to it here

Gorugoth ‎- Ankoku Shinwa (Myth Of Darkness)

Ankoku Shinwa (Myth Of Darkness) is an album by Gorugoth ‎that was released on the label Cosmic Garden Productions in 1999. This album is black metal and is a compilation of previously released tracks.

This is an awesome album. The tracks have dope riffs which sound really menacing. The album is raw (which I love) leading to an often messy sound which is awesome. The drums and guitars sometimes get all muddied up (this is a good thing). His vocals are awesome, they switch between high pitch shrieks to low and evil sounding vocals. The album has an aggressive and angry sound and atmosphere to it, there was probably a good amount of anger put into these recordings considering the really unfriendly vibes. I know that like an insane amount of black metal is unfriendly, but this album really delivers that.

Listen to this awesome album here

GiMGiGaM – Yashiki Resort

Yashiki Resort is an album by GiMGiGaM that was released on the label Mayoware Record in 2016. This album is a few genres but mostly instrumental soft rock stuff and ambient.

This is an awesome and relaxing album. This album definetely has some tracks that have a vaporwave sound to them, but this album is vaporwave. Very vaporwave-esque melodies/percussion/rhythm, heck there’s even some saxophone. The first two tracks are the most vaporwave-esque. The album then takes on a much more acoustic and ambient sound. Pretty acoustic guitar, ambient effects, ocean sounds, these ones are really calming. There’s a random dance track thrown in with these, then it closes with a jazz track. There’s also tropical vibes in some of the tracks.

Download for free here


Mon Mon Club – Mon Mon Club

Mon Mon Club is an album by Mon Mon Club that was released on both Zero Records and Toypick in 1986. This album is new wave.

In Japan during the 80s there was tons of happy sounding new wave bands, this is one of those bands. The music sounds happy, care free, and summery. This album does have obvious rock elements in this. There is also some tracks which sound like marching band music with children’s music elements, this tracks are really awesome too and my favorites on the album. The album has both a male and female vocalist, but the album is almost entirely the male vocalist.

Listen to this awesome album here