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Vapaudenristi ‎- Demo 2010

Demo 2010 is a five track EP by Vapaudenristi ‎that was originally self-released in 2010. This album is RAC, and one of my favorite RAC albums by one of my favorite RAC bands.

This album has such an awesome sound and vibe to it. Its really lively and has a lot of personality to it. Its really rocking and some of the tracks sound somewhat uplifting. This album doesn’t really have the menacing vibe that a lot of RAC has, this makes for a really unique listening experience. The melodies in this album are awesome, the guitars are on point, and the rough vocals sound great.

Listen to this album here



D.FREQ.CRUSH is an album by KITCALIBER that was released in 2012 on the label Lapfox Trax. This album is mostly hardcore, but also speedcore and breakcore. Also, yes I know anything Lapfox Trax isn’t really obscure but posting this anyways!

This is a really interesting artist/album because they have combined hardcore and similar genres with rock elements. The hardcore and speedcore is really good, hard, upbeat, and fast. There’s really nice stuff going on that makes you really want to move to it. The rock elements come in through various elements. There is vocals in this, but they sound like a mix between computer voices and singing (actually I’m pretty sure KITCALIBER modifies text to speech into singing). There is some rock riffs too and guitar which sounds really dope when added to electronic stuff. It sometimes even breaks out into full on rock stuff, but totally makes it work.

Listen to and download this awesome album for free here


Graal – Sigullum Naturae

Sigullum Naturae  is an album by Graal that was released on Moon Records in 1998. This album is progressive psychedelic black / death metal.

This album is really amazing and is an extremely unique black metal album. The album has an immense amount of technical skill. Guitars that are a mix of black metal, death metal, and psychedelic rock. Awesome and heavy use of bass guitar that sounds awesome and really helps push the unique sound. And dope drums that switch between very non-metal rhythms to jazz to metal. The composition of the tracks is really awesome. They’re progressive and the music really doesn’t sound that much like metal at times. The medlodies go allover the place, death metal, black metal, psyche rock, experimental, and really fun happy sounding stuff. The vocals are mostly lazy sounding and range in a few different styles black metal vocals and clean slow singing, and sound really dope. This album is really awesome and is really an experience.

As much as I hate pirating, the label KITSCH MAGIK has illegally re-released it as part of their “Copyright Infringement/ Bootleg” series, so you can listen to it and download for free there


Max Resist – Aces and Eights: The Best of Max Resist

Aces And Eights: The Best Of Max Resist is an album by Max Resist that was released in 2010 on Max Resist Productions. This is a best of album, just for reference the band formed in 1991. This album is RAC.

This album has very heavy punk vibes in it. I almost never listen to stuff that has this kind of sound, but I like Max Resist, they’re one of the exceptions. This is a great album though with 21 tracks of punk and rock n’ roll inspired RAC.

Listen to this album here

Definite Hate – Welcome To The South

Welcome To The South is an album by Definite Hate that was originally released in 2005 on NorthX Records. This album is RAC.

This album definitely has a hard rock and punk sound to it. The album has a unique sound to it, the vocals aren’t rough at all. The vocals are interesting this, they’re very monotone and stay at one consistent pitch and energy throughout the album. They’re very clear and easy to tell what he’s being said, which is a heavy focus point in their music. Lyrics are of course full of a bunch of racist stuff and is trying to spread a message that white people need to rise up and what not. The album also has an odd sense of cheesiness to it, most apparent in the title/opening track “Welcome To The South”, but that just makes me like it more.

Also, these guys don’t fuck around. The member, Wade Michael Page, did a mass shooting in a Sikh temple in 2012, killing six people, and injuring four others. After being shot by police he committed suicide. You can read more about it here if interested: Did this nigga think Indians did 9/11?

Happy 4th of July everybody~!

Check out some tracks from this awesome album below, and also if you’re new here my racist music disclaimer:


Platoon Fourteen – The Things I Hate!


The Things I Hate! is an EP by Platoon Fourteen (sometimes written Platoon 14) that was released on Imperium Records in 2004. This EP is RAC.

This is a really good EP. The energy in it is great and feels very active. The sound of the album is very punky and sounds perfect for a bunch of skinhead youth to mosh to. The lyrics are full of hateful racist stuff and the vocal style fits the feel of the EP very well and is one of the biggest things that help create that feel. The EP is full of chanting various things too like “skinhead! skinhead!” and “seig heil!”, which again gives it that great oi sound.

Listen to this EP here
Racist music disclaimer

Midtown Bootboys – Unfinished Business


Unfinished Business is an album by Midtown BootBoys that was released in 1996 on Stormfront Records. This album is RAC, Midtown BootBoys are also one of my favorite RAC bands.

As you may expect from the band name, this band is from The South, Oklahoma to be exact. Their geographical location definitely had an influence on their music, it has a great Southern sound to it. This album also has the kind of sound/vibe that I prefer RAC to have. Lots of the melodies sound upbeat, oddly happy, and dare I say, sometimes resembles the King Of The Hill theme song. I love the juxtaposition of the happy melodies and the extremely hateful lyrics, this is one of my favorite things about RAC and Midtown BootBoys definitely deliver that. The vocals are in that great gritty voiced punkish style that is expected with the genre. The lyrical themes often consist of white power/white pride, racism, extreme (and completely unwarranted) violence and hate towards blacks, and of course, getting drunk on train tracks and getting in fights.

Listen to this awesome album here
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