euro house

Berdie – Birdie Num Num

Birdie Num Num is a single by Berdie that was released in 1998 on UFO Records. The title track is euro house, but then there’s a techno remix as well.

The title track comes in both Radio Version and Extended. As expected with euro house, this is a fun, happy, and cheesy track. It has a little obviously modified cartoony voice singing in some parts. Berdie’s vocals regular euro house vocals and sound pretty good. I really like how cheesy this track sounds, it really sounds like some early 2000s ringtone commercial. The track is upbeat and really happy sounding. The techno remix sounds absolutely nothing like the original track. This track has a totally different vibe and has lots of train whistles and police sirens.

Listen to the release here


Blue Monster – Blue Monster

Blue Monster is an album by Blue Monster (sometimes written as Blue Monster And Bikki) in 2002 on Sisraeb Production and Warner Bros. Records. This album is euro house.

Sometimes euro house acts would have a theme to set it apart, marketing, or someone’s creative direction. This one is themed on a big blue monster creatively named, Blue Monster. The Blue Monster does sing in the tracks but he’s mostly limited to back up and random sections, like how the male vocalists usually are in euro house. His voice is deep and gravely and its definitely unique but totally works. Bikki, the female vocalist, is the main vocals. She does really good euro house vocals. Lots of the lyrics are about the blue monster, their relationship, dancing, etc. The music itself is fun cheesy and awesome. Upbeat with fun melodies, house beats, and of course synths.

You can listen to a bunch of track below and also watch a rather alarming music video, just make sure no-one else can see your screen.

Various – Eurobeat Disney

Eurobeat Disney is an album that was released on Walt Disney Records in 2000. For whatever reason Disney decided to do a series (yes there’s more of these) of Disney themed eurobeat compilations. Also, from what I can tell, they were only in Japan which only makes it even more odd.

These tracks are new eurobeat version of Disney songs from movies, the theme parks, and various vintage records. Novelty aside, these are actually pretty dope tracks. Really upbeat, happy, and definitely a unique vibe to them from holding onto the disney vibes and mixing them with eurobeat/eurohouse/europop melodies and vibes. This a fun album and a pretty cool concept, and I don’t even care for Disney. Also, the album cover is awesome~

Listen to some tracks here

Jennifer – Da-dee-da

Da-dee-da is a single by Jennifer that was released on the album Polydor in 1996, when she was just 16. This single is eurodance and euro house. There’s three versions of the track.

Da-dee-da is a dope eurodance track. Really upbeat with great melodies and vocals. It has an extremely clubby sound and vibe to it. The vocals, structure, and vocal chorus sounds very pop and this does have a rather mainstream sound to it. This is really nice club track~!

The alternate versions aren’t too different from the original but I’ll still link it, listen below~
(Club version isn’t on Youtube)

Ríos De Gloria – Untitled

Untitled is an album Ríos De Gloria that was released in 1996 on the label Horus. This album is Eurohouse and pop.

This album is full of 90s eurohouse awesomeness but it goes in a different direction and sound than other stuff of the genre that I’ve posted. This album has a more serious sound to it and has lots of ballad type vocals, and all duets. The vibe in the albums is a mix of regular eurohouse, and this serious kind of sound they have. There’s also a very present Latin flair to it.

Also, they look like a cross between a failed 90s sitcom and softcore porn

Listen to some tracks from this awesome album here

Jemma & Elise – Jemma & Elise

Jemma & Elise is an album by Jemma & Elise released on various labels in various years but first in 1997. This album is europop and euro house. It has also been released with the name Make Believe.

This album is full of awesome upbeat, happy, and very 90s and cheesy tracks. Really fun and happy dance melodies that are awesome put over upbeat club beats. Then full of that awesome euro house singing that I love. This is a great album done by a great duo~! This album is so happy and awesome, the vibe is perfect.

Listen to some tracks here

Blümchen – Herzfrequenz

Herzfrequenz is an album by Blümchen that released in 1996 on the label control. This album is a mix of euro house and happy hardcore.

This album is awesome~! It mixes elements from the genres very well which creates an awesome listening experience. Lots of euro house singing and fun silly melodies, then combined with hardcore kicks/percussion and happy hardcore melodies and rhythms. The songs range between the presence of the two genres, sometime its more euro house, sometimes its more happy hardcore, but its often mixed.

I really like this album, listen to some tracks here.