doom metal

Adolf Satan – Adolf Satan

Adolf Satan is an album by Adolf Satan that was released on the label Bestial Onslaught Productions in 2004. This album is doom metal.

This album has really awesome heavy riffs. The guitar has so much weight to it its like some oversized Acme anvil crashing down at each strum. The music has a really awesome groove to it, obviously slower than majority of metal, but still upbeat enough to really be rocking. The album actually does get upbeat a lot, but still has an awesome doom sound. The vocals on this album and are high pitched, letting them cut through all the low frequencies like butter. They sound very Anal Cunt-esque, leading people to be confused thinking Seth Putnam did the vocals (which he didn’t but he did do drums for awhile for the band [not this album]). They also sometimes have a much different and really unique sound, and are the slowest aspect of the music.

Listen to this awesome album here


Corpus Golgotha – Ilusiones

Ilusiones is an album by Corpus Golgotha that was released on the label Delirium Records in 1996. This album is black metal and doom metal.

This is a pretty dope album, they do a good job mixing doom metal and black metal. Sometimes its slow, sometimes its fast, sometimes it switches between the genres (or see-saws between them), and sometimes it blends the genres together; they definitely mix it up and keep the album exciting. The structure and stuff changes around too. The album has a nice level of rawness to it, gritty but you can easily tell and define everything. The melodies and vocals are dope too. This is an awesome album, Rosa Mística and Ilusiones are my fave tracks on the album~

Listen to this awesome album here

Ohura-Mazdo – The Incarnation of Sathanas

The Incarnation of Sathanas is a demo released by Ohura-Mazdo that was self-released in 1992. The album is mostly doom metal, but there is also some raw black metal parts. The album apparently has vocals but it sounds instrumental due to the poor recording quality.

As the name implies doom metal sounds like impending doom. Long notes and is slower compared to other genres of metal (but not as slow as drone doom). The tracks have a great and ominous vibe to them. The album also has some cool tracks that aren’t metal for the intro and outro.

Listen to it here~

NǽnøĉÿbbŒrğ VbëřřĦōlökäävsŦ – (Supervoids)

In 2006 two scientists only known as Wavanova and Dark Dude met at a research center in Antarctica. While doing science stuff they discovered they each had the same taste in music. They loaded up a dog sled with bass guitars, amps, supplies, a generator, and a laptop. They rode to the exact South Pole to record some music and the rest is history!

Well if you buy any of that.

NǽnøĉÿbbŒrğ VbëřřĦōlökäävsŦ (pronounced Nanocyborg Uberholocaust) are a drone doom band that claims to come from Antartica. If you buy the story or not it’s hard to argue that they do some of the most atmospheric drone doom ever and (Supervoids) is the perfect example. This band puts Sunn O))) to shame at their own game. Guitars so extremely downtuned they just become rumbling. Notes that go on for 20+ seconds creating a dark almost alien atmosphere. So atmospheric people on Discogs labeled it as dark ambient and not doom metal + drone. (Supervoids) is the metal to not headbang to, but rather to lay in the dark and think about the universe and your existence to.

Crank up the air conditioning, turn off the lights, turn the music to maximum volume for maximum results, and chill. (lol get it)

Download here (don’t worry it was released for free but some downloads are broken on the site)