chinese pop

秋雁 & The Stylers – 不要看着我

不要看着我 is an EP by 秋雁 & The Stylers that was released in 1970 on Panda Records. This EP is pop.

This is an awesome release~! 秋雁’s vocals are really great and her voice sounds awesome. The instruments to it are really awesome too. Repetitive bass and drums overlaid with really clean sounding guitars and so on doing awesome melodies that often sound very Chinese.  The whole release sounds really crisp and clean and is awesome.

Listen to this awesome release here


I discovered a treasure trove [Collection Update!]

I was in Chinatown earlier exploring the stores with my family and came across an amazing find. A store selling SEALED mostly 80s Chinese cassettes for TEN CENTS EACH! I of course got 25 of them~! No idea who any of them are, most look like pop, one looks like children’s music, one looks like an exercise tape, and one says it’s “Disco Chinese Pop”. I’m really happy about this find~! I was hoping to find something like this and I did~! Wooooooo~!!