black metal

Suncross – Cailleach Storming at the Gates

Cailleach Storming at the Gates is a single by Suncross that was self-released in 2016. This single is black metal.

This is a great black metal track. If you listen to the different sides of black metal, you should be able to tell that odds are this one is going to be melodic, and yep it is. This band’s music is more melodic than some other black metal that I’ve posted before, and definitely has thought out structure and composition. The melodies are great, so is the atmosphere and vocals.

Listen to and download this awesome single for free here


Werewolf Front ‎- Wolves Of The White North

Wolves Of The White North is an album by Werewolf Front ‎that was both self-released and joint released on Blood & Soil Productions and Sword Productions, all in 2013. This album is nsbm.

This is an awesome black metal album~! It has a really unique sound to it, because some of the tracks actually sound happy, and rather uplifting. The tracks where this happens are really awesome, angry cold black metal, then it out of nowhere breaks out into a happy almost RAC riff. Sometimes the black metal riffs are played at a different key too, giving a happier sound. Both the dark and happy parts sound awesome, and it sounds really cool switching between the two. The vocals on this are excellent and sound really shrill and awesome. The vibe of the album is really dope. The tracks are well written, executed, mixed/mastered, and recorded too (don’t let that wonky logo fool you)~

Listen to this awesome album below

Endless Dismal Moan – Endless Dismal Moan

Endless Dismal Moan is an album by Endless Dismal Moan that was released on the label in 2005. This album is black metal. Sadly, the band ended in 2008 when the sole member, Chaos 9, committed suicide.

This album has a really unique sound to it and is unlike any of the black metal that I’ve posted before. The melodies, pacing, and structure of many of the riffs is rather untraditional for the genre. Lots of the time it goes like DUNDUNDUNDUN with each DUN getting lower. There is also some more less common riff styles throughout, and of course tracks that have that classic black metal sound. The percussion gets really fast at times, and sometimes becomes a wall of sound. The vocals on this are dope too, really good shrieking. This album is crazy good, and I totally recommend it.

Listen to this awesome album here

Трупосжигательная печь – Goreline Terror

Goreline Terror is an EP by Трупосжигательная печь that was released on the label Popsakal in 2014. This album is dark ambient, raw black metal, horror synth, and goreline.

Трупосжигательная печь is seemingly the inventor of the microgenre goreline. Based on the stylistic elements of the genre, and the “power electronics” tag in upload, I believe goreline is a subgenre of power electronics. Very few songs of this genre exists, and it’s characteristics are: extremely repetitive loops, minimalistic (almost entirely just the loop), and the loop is just a looped oscillating sine wave that’s quickly dipping up and down in pitch. The track, Goreline Terror, is the goreline track on this release.

The first track is the horror synth one. This track feels more dark ambient and doesn’t sound like crappy horror movie music disco like how most horror synth is. The second two tracks are the raw black metal ones. These tracks are very short for black metal (30 seconds each) and are so raw I didn’t even recognize it as black metal my first listen. It sounds like it was recorded with the lowest quality equipment possible, then from a very far distance with many walls in between. Which is all good things by the way. EP closes with a slow minimal dark ambient track using an organ.

Listen and download this awesome EP for free here

Aeshma – The Dark Misanthropic Woods

The Dark Misanthropic Woods is an album by Aeshma that was released on the label Curse Of KvN Sadistic in 2003. This album is black metal.

This is an awesome album. The atmosphere is dark and ominous. The synths slowly drone and haunt throughout the album. The guitars and melodies in general are rather repetitive, sounds like music to march into a thick fog to. The vocals on this album are really dope. They have a great sound to them, hard to explain, but very screaming like, like a controlled screaming. The release is also high-tempo.

Listen to this awesome album here
Also, just now while getting the image I discovered that its been re-released for free too

Xenophobia – Vomit on the Rabbi

Vomit on the Rabbi is an album by Xenophobia that was self-released in 2004. This album is raw black metal and NSBM.

For the few who are blessed to experience this album, many absolutely despise it. People really hate this album, often giving the lowest reviews and ratings possible. But, this album is actually crazy good and one of my favorite black metal albums. This album is very raw, to the extent that sometimes guitars sound like someone vacuuming on a floor above you. And to the point that sometimes instruments (often the drums) get totally lost in the sauce. The melodies in this are dope, very aggressive and angry sounding. There is also some acoustic stuff, this sounds really dope too and ranges from more experimental melodies to black metal melodies. The vocals sound angry and hateful, they’re almost entirely incoherent screaming. This album is really awesome and kicks ass. This album really takes the concept of black metal being inaccessible full force, to the point that even black metal people hate it. I very much feel this is one of the best black metal albums made.

Listen to this awesome album here
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Antarktyk – Blizzard Beaks

Blizzard Beaks is a single by Antarktyk that was released on the label Benighted Blood in 2000. This album is raw black metal. Also, yep today is a double post day, with both posts being black metal singles.

This single was actually made as a joke, but despite that its actually a really dope track. Its fast and aggressive and awesome. The vocals in the track are really nice too, they’re mostly in the black metal style but goes into other realms too at times. This is a really awesome track.

Listen to it here