album review

嘆キ使徒 ‎- ツ···ラ··ラ

ツ···ラ··ラ is an EP by 嘆キ使徒 ‎that was self-released in 1997. This EP is visual kei. Its also only two songs, and only one is on YouTube.

私ノ静ム, the track that is on YouTube is really awesome. It has really heavy Japanese goth vibes and sound to it, especially with the vocals. Deep and sometimes drawn out. The instrument part of it fast and somewhat aggressive, lots of fast snares. Accompanied by lots of bass and some guitar accents. This is an awesome track.

Listen to it here


Ethel Smith ‎- Christmas Music

Christmas Music is an album by Ethel Smith that was released on the label Decca in 1949. This album is Christmas music.

As you may expect, this album is a collection of Christmas song covers by Ethel Smith. There’s covers of more common Christmas tracks, and some lesser used ones. All the tracks are performed on an organ and they have a really nice, warm, and cozy sound and vibe to them. It triggers this weird aesthetic in my head, that I can’t explain, but it really makes the music even nicer.

Listen to this awesome album here

pyonpyon hardcore substance – Would you mind touching my heartbreak once again?

Lolicore, one of my absolute favorite genres, and the genre that has the biggest involvement with my life. Despite this I really don’t post it here that often, anyways, onto the review~

Would you mind touching my heartbreak once again? is an album by pyonpyon hardcore substance that was self-released in 2016 as part of the faux-collective endless saturday.mp3. As you can guess from the opening monologue of this review, this album is lolicore.

Whats interesting about pyonpyon hardcore substance is that his pyonpyon hardcore substance stuff often samples tracks with male vocals. This is pretty uncommon in lolicore, where female vocal samples often reign supreme. The tracks he sampled give the album an awesome Summer vacation vibe. Happy and carefree. His breaks are sample-delic, fast, and upbeat. The fast breaks with the J-rock samples, and sometimes speedcore/gabber, combined with the short track lengths lead to awesome bursts of lolicore energy.

Listen to and download this awesome album here

Victoire De Castellane ‎- Pas D’Hélices Aux Avions

Pas D’Hélices Aux Avions is an EP released by Victoire De Castellane ‎on the label Carrere in 1987. This EP is chanson.

This is such a great chanson EP. The first track, Pas D’Hélices Aux Avions, has such a great 80s pop sound. Really cheesy but catchy melodies, dated drums, and great singing, all with heavy pop vibes. I really love this track~

The second track,  Ondes De Choc, takes the release in a somewhat different direction. Still obviously pop, but is really obviously a B-Side due to the obviously lower level of production. This track is still awesome though. It has a club beat, but much slower melodies. It sounds more emotional than the other track which is just full on fun. I really like the melodies, her singing, and the vibes/atmosphere on this track.

Listen to this awesome EP here

Adolf Satan – Adolf Satan

Adolf Satan is an album by Adolf Satan that was released on the label Bestial Onslaught Productions in 2004. This album is doom metal.

This album has really awesome heavy riffs. The guitar has so much weight to it its like some oversized Acme anvil crashing down at each strum. The music has a really awesome groove to it, obviously slower than majority of metal, but still upbeat enough to really be rocking. The album actually does get upbeat a lot, but still has an awesome doom sound. The vocals on this album and are high pitched, letting them cut through all the low frequencies like butter. They sound very Anal Cunt-esque, leading people to be confused thinking Seth Putnam did the vocals (which he didn’t but he did do drums for awhile for the band [not this album]). They also sometimes have a much different and really unique sound, and are the slowest aspect of the music.

Listen to this awesome album here

シルクP A N G E A ‎- CLIMATE グローバル

CLIMATE グローバル is an album by シルクP A N G E A ‎that was released on the label Business Casual in 2014. This album is vaporwave.

I’m really surprised I haven’t posted this before~! This is such an amazing vaporwave album. This album has such an awesome oldskool classic vaporwave sound and vibes. Very vaporwavey and awesome samples really nicely edited. Very minimally, but edited just enough in just the right ways to really deliver that classic vaporwave sound. Samples range from dope weather channel vibe jazz to 80s pop. This album really is a classic in my opinion and one of my favorites of the genre.

Listen to and download this awesome album for free here

Kana – Spade

Spade is an album by Kana (sometimes called Moon Kana) that was released in 2004 on the label Kana Ichigosha (which I suspect was made just for this release).  This album is goth rock, but is much more modern than all the other goth rock posts I’ve made, and it has a much different sound than those albums too.

This album is obviously rock, but not always obvious on the goth. Probably since Kana is a gothic lolita, which is much different than regular goth and is a much different subculture. Though some tracks do obviously have a goth sound to them, its nothing like what I’ve posted before, much more milder and lolita-fied. Kana is known for her sometimes mildly jarring vocals which might be hit or miss for listeners, I like her vocals but if you don’t you probably wont really care for her music. Her singing is unusual, and the melodies accompanying her are great too. Tracks range from upbeat and rocking to pretty slow.

Listen to most of the tracks from this awesome album here