90’s dance music

Norken – Soul Static Bureau

Soul Static Bureau is an album by Norken that was first released in 1999 on the label Beau Monde, then later re-released in 2001 on the label Hydrogen Dukebox. This album is IDM and deep house.

This is a really amazing album and one of the best house albums ever made. This album has such a great vibe, crisp and clean, robotic yet emotional. The album is full of dope (and very well mixed) sub-bass that really helps deliver the awesome rhythms that are present. There is also some dope IDM and tech-housey shuffling percussion too that helps build up and complicate the rhythm. Its done in such a way that’s its both simple and minimal, but has a complexity to it too. There’s of course obvious heavy house influences in the percussion too. Melodies have lots of slow synths, tons of little blips and bleeps, and some more synths. In a few tracks there’s some cut up acoustic instruments too, which despite the very electronic sound in the rest of the album, this tracks still very much work. The melodies on this are awesome, ranging from very robot sounding stuff, to happier stuff, to more serious stuff. The track “Motor Breeze” is really amazing. Also, I LOVE the album cover, its very aesthetically pleasing but also really goes with the music. Sadly though, the 1999 version has a boring ugly cover.

Listen to this awesome for free and purchase here



Artificial Intelligence – Station 28

Station 28 is an EP by Artificial Intelligence that was released in 1994 on 6 Up Records. This EP is goa trance and hard trance.

This kicks off with the really upbeat hard as heck title track “Station 28”. This track is really awesome. Sci-fi sounding goa trance melodies and really upbeat welly drone trance percussion. This track really makes you want to move, its so damn awesome. The overall sci-fi vibes carry on throughout the EP. The other two tracks aren’t as upbeat as the opener, but are still really good and definitely danceable. The whole EP has a somewhat dark atmosphere to it too, which makes it even cooler.

Listen to this awesome EP here

Jennifer – Da-dee-da

Da-dee-da is a single by Jennifer that was released on the album Polydor in 1996, when she was just 16. This single is eurodance and euro house. There’s three versions of the track.

Da-dee-da is a dope eurodance track. Really upbeat with great melodies and vocals. It has an extremely clubby sound and vibe to it. The vocals, structure, and vocal chorus sounds very pop and this does have a rather mainstream sound to it. This is really nice club track~!

The alternate versions aren’t too different from the original but I’ll still link it, listen below~
(Club version isn’t on Youtube)

Raindance ‎- Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind is an EP by Raindance ‎that was released in 1994 on 6 Up Records. This EP is trance.

This EP is some kick ass awesome trance music. Its super upbeat and high energy, perfect to dance to. The melodies are good and repetitive to really build up the trance (hence the genre name!). The tracks have great fast percussion, melodies, bass, and everything is really awesome on this.

Listen to this awesome EP here

Ríos De Gloria – Untitled

Untitled is an album Ríos De Gloria that was released in 1996 on the label Horus. This album is Eurohouse and pop.

This album is full of 90s eurohouse awesomeness but it goes in a different direction and sound than other stuff of the genre that I’ve posted. This album has a more serious sound to it and has lots of ballad type vocals, and all duets. The vibe in the albums is a mix of regular eurohouse, and this serious kind of sound they have. There’s also a very present Latin flair to it.

Also, they look like a cross between a failed 90s sitcom and softcore porn

Listen to some tracks from this awesome album here

Yukiyo Takabayashi – The Takabayashi EP


The Takabayashi EP is an EP by Yukiyo Takabayashi ‎that was released on Kult Records in 1996. The genre for this is house.

This is a really really nice house EP. The EP has very heavy latin and jazz vibes. This comes from not only the samples, but in all of its aspects, the bass, the percussion, the melodies, the rhythms, the whole vibe. I love jazzy house and this EP is top notch. The addition of the latin-jazz drums with the house beats sounds really good. The melodies and bass is totally on point too. This release has such a great summery vibe to it.

Listen to the tracks here

Jemma & Elise – Jemma & Elise

Jemma & Elise is an album by Jemma & Elise released on various labels in various years but first in 1997. This album is europop and euro house. It has also been released with the name Make Believe.

This album is full of awesome upbeat, happy, and very 90s and cheesy tracks. Really fun and happy dance melodies that are awesome put over upbeat club beats. Then full of that awesome euro house singing that I love. This is a great album done by a great duo~! This album is so happy and awesome, the vibe is perfect.

Listen to some tracks here