1970s music

秋雁 & The Stylers – 不要看着我

不要看着我 is an EP by 秋雁 & The Stylers that was released in 1970 on Panda Records. This EP is pop.

This is an awesome release~! 秋雁’s vocals are really great and her voice sounds awesome. The instruments to it are really awesome too. Repetitive bass and drums overlaid with really clean sounding guitars and so on doing awesome melodies that often sound very Chinese.  The whole release sounds really crisp and clean and is awesome.

Listen to this awesome release here


Pat Prilly ‎- Moog Mig Mag Moog

Moog Mig Mag Moog is an album by Pat Prilly that was released on the label Editions Montparnasse 2000 in 1974. This album is moog music, ambient, and easy listening.

This album is awesome and many of the songs sound like happy fun background music for shows. I love bgm type music, especially fun stuff, and it sounds so happy and care free. As you can tell from the name, this album is full of moog. I love how vintage moog stuff sounds, and this album is really awesome.

You can listen to this awesome album below (its a playlist so hopefully should play through the tracks). Its often accredited to Jean-Jacques Perrey because he actually composed the tracks. Pat Prilly is his daughter, and she would play stuff on her organ, which inspired all of these tracks, so he released them as Pat Prilly.

Aunt Sally – Aunt Sally

Aunt Sally is an album by Aunt Sally that was released in 1979 on Vanity Records. This album is post-punk and new wave.

This is such an awesome album~! Phew, the vocalist, does awesome really awesome vocals and her vocals are perfect for music like this. Her voice is deep and her vocals are monotone and lots of the time sound uninterested, they sound so good. The tracks on this album switch between two different personalities, oddly happy, and dark and moody. The happy ones are really amazing. I love the melodies and the odd vibe to them. The dark tracks are amazing too, but I’m just a sucker for the tpe of melodies in the happy ones. This album is full of slow bass, experimentally and minimally played guitar, various other instruments, and of course drums. The instrumental really does deliver that awesome post-punk sound.

Listen to this awesome album here

桑原幸子 ‎- 桑原幸子とあなた

桑原幸子とあなた is an album by  桑原幸子 that was released on the label Victor in 1971. This album is pornographic enka and jazz.

The vibes and styles in the album range quite a bit. There’s tracks that sound very orchestral. These ones are either melancholic like someone who’s heart was just broken. Or the orchestral elements follow the vibe of the other aspects. There’s also lots of jazz elements and tracks. These ones have lots of saxophone, and can sound really sleazy at times. Many of the vocals are spoken with only some singing. The lyrics are probably erotic or atleast suggestive, with the occasional moan and “aahh”. Many of the tracks are slow, but there are some that pick up the pace a bit.

You can listen to this album here (a proxy may be needed)

Caldara – A Moog Mass

A Moog Mass is an album by Caldara (aka Caldera) that was released in 1970 on the label Kama Sutra. This album is a mix of moog music, religious classical stuff, and ambient.

The compositions in this album are very heavy into the classical side. The moogs in the album not only emulate various instrument but even singing. The “singing” is like a mix of some weird deformed proto-Vocaloid mixed with the KK dog from the Animal Crossing games mixed with when you hear non-existent vocals in a synth lead, so in short, it sounds pretty cool. This is also accompanied by a harpsichord. The vibe of the songs is very regal and it really creates an ideal setting in your head for where it should be playing. Also, the cover is awesome, Jesus but with the crown of thorns being patch cables, too cool~!

Listen to this awesome album here

오정선 – 님을 위한 노래 / 마음

님을 위한 노래 / 마음 is an album by 오정선 that was released in 1978 on SRB Records. The genre for this is K-pop, but it carries elements from some other genres, most noticeably enka, rock, and folk/country.

This album is very slow and downtempo. The melodies, her vocals, and the vibe of the album sounds melancholic or / emotional. Slow drums, slow vocals, and lots of slow bass, guitar, and strings helping build the feel.  Some songs do pick up in tempo and/or sound happier than the rest of the album, not all of it sounds sad.

This is a great album, listen to it here

Reiko Ike – 恍惚の世界

aa78f41fe08d34a14ddcf835a581bba7恍惚の世界 is an album by Reiko Ike that was released in 1971 on the label Teichiku Records. The genre for this album in enka, an old Asian genre, but something makes this release unique. Its full of sex sounds.

The album is by a porn actress so the “lyrical” content isn’t surprising. The songs sound like a cross between enka and porn music. Enka singing and melodies, porn music percussion and instruments; its a pretty good mix. There’s of course moaning and various other sexual vocals throughout the album. The album is full of moans, breathing, dialogue, and so on.

This is a pretty cool album, listen to some of the tracks here.