Apogee & Perigee – 超時空コロダスタン旅行記

超時空コロダスタン旅行記 is an album by Apogee & Perigee that was released on Yen Records in 1984. This album is J-pop and new wave. Its also a project Jun Togawa, who I’ve posted about before.

This album is seemingly supposed to be sung by the two robots on the cover. Because of this the tracks sometimes get in a duet kind of thing. This is a really cool album because it mixes elements from J-pop and new wave together to create something really awesome. Sometimes it sounds more like a J-pop song but then with new wave vocals and nuances. Sometimes it goes in a much more new wave direction. The vibe of this album is really fun and light-hearted. I really like the type of happy new wave Japan did in the 80s.

Listen to this awesome album here


Caro kissa – 秋空トリップ

秋空トリップ is an EP by Caro kissa that was released on Mayoware Record in 2013. The genre for this is J-indie rock/J-pop.

This EP has a nice happy vibe. Two of the songs have vocals and there’s also an instrumental track. The vocal tracks have a female vocalist and summery melodies. The tracks are upbeat with lots of acoustic guitar. They also sound very J-pop like and carry that vibe much than they do the rock vibes. The instrumental track is much slower than the other tracks and sounds like Harvest Moon with a hip-hop beat so its pretty relaxing/cool.

This is a great EP listen and download for free here


Es Connexion – Rhythmix

Rhythmix is an album by Es Connexion that was released on TDK Records in 1994. This album is J-pop and euro house.

What’s really interesting about this album is that is sounds like a mix between 80s and 90s music. Singing similar that to an 80s idol, 90s eurohouse melodies and sampling, 80s melodies, 80s guitar here and there, dance beats done with 80s percussion. Some tracks are more J-pop and some are more euro pop, they also mix elements from both genres in both tracks in varying degrees. Singing is in both euro house and J-pop styles. Both styles of tracks are extremely good and I love this album and how it blends 80s elements with a very 90s genre, and then that with j-pop.

Listen to it here (in order of how they appear on the album)

フレネシ – ゲンダイ

ゲンダイ is an album by フレネシ that was released in 2012. The album is J-pop.

This is a great J-pop album~! I usually listen to vintage stuff but this is one of the kinds of modern J-pop that I really like. Cute airy female vocals, lots of synth melodies, and electronic percussion, sometimes jazz elements, all not overly-complex and sometimes left on the simple side in some of the tracks. The album has a really nice and a dreamy sound to it. This album is awesome~!

Listen to it here

岸本加世子 – 北風よ

北風よ is a two track single by 岸本加世子 (Kayoko Kishimoto) released in 1977 on NAV Records. As with usual with releases like this I can only find one side on Youtube. This release is J-pop.

J-pop during the 70s had a rather distinct sound, some of it got a lot more folky than the later eras. The track 北風よ is a good example of this with its melodies and choice of instruments.

I love this track, listen to it here

榊原郁恵 – 夏のお嬢さん

Since I like J-pop so much I feel that I need to immediately post this after the K-pop post.

夏のお嬢さん is a single by 榊原郁恵 released in 1978 on the label Columbia. As usual I can only find one side on Youtube, so this will be a short post.

The genre for this is J-pop. I prefer 80s stuff, but 70s is my second favorite era for the genre. It’s a fun track and I like it~

Listen to it here~

メトロノリ – ディナー・Till・☾ ◯

ディナー・Till・☾ ◯ is an EP by メトロノリ released on Virgin Babylon Selected Works in 2014. This EP is a mix of dreampop and avant-pop.

This EP blends the two genres just mentioned very well. Airy synth-pop like vocals over dance beats. The combined with beautiful IDM-styled melodies and the personality and experimentation of avant-pop. Her voice is excellent too. An awesome EP to listen to while half asleep gazing at a cresent moon outside your window.

Listen and download for free here