D.FREQ.CRUSH is an album by KITCALIBER that was released in 2012 on the label Lapfox Trax. This album is mostly hardcore, but also speedcore and breakcore. Also, yes I know anything Lapfox Trax isn’t really obscure but posting this anyways!

This is a really interesting artist/album because they have combined hardcore and similar genres with rock elements. The hardcore and speedcore is really good, hard, upbeat, and fast. There’s really nice stuff going on that makes you really want to move to it. The rock elements come in through various elements. There is vocals in this, but they sound like a mix between computer voices and singing (actually I’m pretty sure KITCALIBER modifies text to speech into singing). There is some rock riffs too and guitar which sounds really dope when added to electronic stuff. It sometimes even breaks out into full on rock stuff, but totally makes it work.

Listen to and download this awesome album for free here




FUCK VLADYK is an EP by IVAN that was released on the label SAY NO TO KROKO in 2016. This EP is hardvapour. This EP (and label) is made in response to the main hardvapour label, ANTIFUR, and is basically anti the rest of the scene. It also seems racist at the same time.

This is an awesome hardvapour EP and one of my favorite releases from the genre. Great and upbeat. The kicks range between a more hardcore sound to a more gabber or terror sound. The additional percussion (snares, hats, so on) sound really good too. Melodies change style with each track but it all sounds consistent and has a great sound. There’s even some remixed Eastern European music.

Listen to the EP for free and purchase here


VIT – крокодил мрії

крокодил мрії is an album by VIT that was self-released in 2015. The genre of this is hardvapour. I’ve talked about it before but hardvapour is a fairly new subgenre of vaporwave that sounds nothing like vaporwave. Lots of people for some reason believe Sandtimer invented the genre, but he was actually just the first to gain any traction. The person who really invented the genre is Wolfenstein OS X aka wosX. He invented the genre in September of 2015 with the imaginary collective known as Kroko Krew. One of these fake members is VIT, this is the first hardvapour album in existence.

The sound of this album is very similar to 90s dance music, one of the reasons why I like hardvapour so much. Its like a revival of these older styles. The album is heavily influenced by oldschool gabber/hardcore and techno. Good old sounding kicks combined with drum machine percussion and simplistic rave melodies. It very much sounds like this could’ve come right out of the 90s and its awesome.

Listen and download for free here


4649nadeshiko – Cooliostreetcat

album cover
Cooliostreetcat is an EP by 4649nadeshiko released on her label Vitamin C Records in 2012. This album varies a bit so lets just dive right in.

This EP has quite a few plunderphonics tracks. Cut up and rearranged J-pop songs mutating into muddy lo-fi awesomeness. There’s also some hardcore tracks as well. These are also good and sometimes pull elements from the plunderphonics tracks as well as lolicore. These tracks have a nice grittiness to them that sounds pretty cool.

My favorite track is definitely the final track, gelatin, which is an awesome lo-fi IDM and experimental drill and bass track. It sounds great and has really nice stuff going on. This track and EP is awesome~!

And of course, there’s a rap song too~

Download for free here


thirtytwobit. – Super Saturated Dance Party 2010

Super Saturated Dance Party 2010 is a 2010 album by the mashcore musician, thirtytwobit., released on the label Chip’n’Damned Records.

This is a very fun mashcore album~! thirtytwobit has a unique glitchy somewhat noisy style. The percussion and samples constantly stutter and do snare rush style programming. Lots of gabber kicks accompany the distorted mostly pop music samples. The tracks constantly have glitchy sounds similar to Girl Talk’s Secret Diary but MUCH more danceable. thirtytwobit. also uses some slight chiptune elements in part of the tracks which is cool but rather subtle compared to other people like DJ Scotch Egg and Kitsune² who also combine chiptune with hard dance music. Many of the samples are recognizable whether you listen to pop music or not which just adds to the silliness and enjoyability of the album.

If you like high energy ADHD mashcore check this thing out~!
By the way for those not in the know mashcore is like massive mashups but with original percussion (gabber, speedcore, breakcore, jungle, etc.) added to it.

Download and listen for free here (not safe for work)