Goth Rock

嘆キ使徒 ‎- ツ···ラ··ラ

ツ···ラ··ラ is an EP by 嘆キ使徒 ‎that was self-released in 1997. This EP is visual kei. Its also only two songs, and only one is on YouTube.

私ノ静ム, the track that is on YouTube is really awesome. It has really heavy Japanese goth vibes and sound to it, especially with the vocals. Deep and sometimes drawn out. The instrument part of it fast and somewhat aggressive, lots of fast snares. Accompanied by lots of bass and some guitar accents. This is an awesome track.

Listen to it here


Kana – Spade

Spade is an album by Kana (sometimes called Moon Kana) that was released in 2004 on the label Kana Ichigosha (which I suspect was made just for this release).  This album is goth rock, but is much more modern than all the other goth rock posts I’ve made, and it has a much different sound than those albums too.

This album is obviously rock, but not always obvious on the goth. Probably since Kana is a gothic lolita, which is much different than regular goth and is a much different subculture. Though some tracks do obviously have a goth sound to them, its nothing like what I’ve posted before, much more milder and lolita-fied. Kana is known for her sometimes mildly jarring vocals which might be hit or miss for listeners, I like her vocals but if you don’t you probably wont really care for her music. Her singing is unusual, and the melodies accompanying her are great too. Tracks range from upbeat and rocking to pretty slow.

Listen to most of the tracks from this awesome album here

Gilles De Rais – Gilles De Rais

Gilles De Rais is a single by Gilles De Rais that was released in 1981 on Aspirin Records. This album is goth rock and new wave. This release consists of two tracks, but I can only find the first one.

This is a really awesome and interesting release. All of the instruments sound electronic. Drum machine percussion, dark electronic synths, and various sounds. The synths sometimes get a bit noisy at times. The singing in this track is awesome~! The vocalist is male and his vocals are very dragged out and slow. His voice is awesome and there’s really neat stuff going on in his voice, it sounds very ghostly and is awesome. This release carries an awesome dark gothic vibe to it.

Listen to the track I can find here

餓鬼道 ‎- パンドラの匣

パンドラの匣 is an EP by 餓鬼道 that was released in 1985. This release is goth rock and post-punk.

This is a really awesome EP. It combines together elements from goth rock, post-punk, and rock a really awesome listening experience. This release has such a great sound to it. The vocals on this release are awesome and are really fitting of the genre/origin/time this came out. This release has a nice dark and gothic vibe to it. The instruments and melodies on this are nice too.

Listen to this awesome release here

Madame Edwarda ‎- Lorelei ・・ Etranger ・・ Heliogabale

Lorelei ・・ Etranger ・・ Heliogabale is an EP by Madame Edwarda ‎that was released on City Rocker Records in 1985. This album is post-punk and goth rock.

Madame Edwarda ‎are an awesome Japanese band from the 80s. This EP has such a good sound and vibe to it. This release definitely has the expected sound for this kind of music during this era. The vocals are slow and deep and sound awesome. Repetitive bass and dated sounded drums provide the beat and rhythm and sound really dope. There’s guitar stuff too, the melodies really help deliver and create the awesome vibe in this.

Listen to this awesome EP below

G-Schmitt – Alternative Garnet

Alternative Garnet is an album by G-Schmitt that was released on the label Wechselbalg Syndicate in 1988. G-Schmitt are an awesome mix of new wave and goth rock.

They mix these two genres extremely well, constantly pulling elements from both and seamlessly blending them together. The melodies are awesome, sometimes new wave, sometimes goth, sometimes a mix of the two, and always very 80s. The percussion is very 80s too. The vocalist, Syoko, has a great voice/style for their sound. She has  very deep voice, but as I said she sounds great. The album uses a combination of guitars and synths for the melodies and what not.

Listen to this awesome album here

フラストレーション – My Me Mine / Worms


My Me Mine / Worms is a single by フラストレーション released in 1988. As usual with posts like this I can only find one side on Youtube. On Discogs and elsewhere it’s listed as “I Me Mine” but the Japanese on the cover clearly says ”マイ” which is “Mai” which is “My”.

The song I can find is his song “Worms” and it’s an awesome track that’s a mix of new wave and goth rock. I really like the melodies and his voice, this song is great~!

Since I can only find one five minute song, this is a short post.

Listen to it here~