pyonpyon hardcore substance – Would you mind touching my heartbreak once again?

Lolicore, one of my absolute favorite genres, and the genre that has the biggest involvement with my life. Despite this I really don’t post it here that often, anyways, onto the review~

Would you mind touching my heartbreak once again? is an album by pyonpyon hardcore substance that was self-released in 2016 as part of the faux-collective endless saturday.mp3. As you can guess from the opening monologue of this review, this album is lolicore.

Whats interesting about pyonpyon hardcore substance is that his pyonpyon hardcore substance stuff often samples tracks with male vocals. This is pretty uncommon in lolicore, where female vocal samples often reign supreme. The tracks he sampled give the album an awesome Summer vacation vibe. Happy and carefree. His breaks are sample-delic, fast, and upbeat. The fast breaks with the J-rock samples, and sometimes speedcore/gabber, combined with the short track lengths lead to awesome bursts of lolicore energy.

Listen to and download this awesome album here



シルクP A N G E A ‎- CLIMATE グローバル

CLIMATE グローバル is an album by シルクP A N G E A ‎that was released on the label Business Casual in 2014. This album is vaporwave.

I’m really surprised I haven’t posted this before~! This is such an amazing vaporwave album. This album has such an awesome oldskool classic vaporwave sound and vibes. Very vaporwavey and awesome samples really nicely edited. Very minimally, but edited just enough in just the right ways to really deliver that classic vaporwave sound. Samples range from dope weather channel vibe jazz to 80s pop. This album really is a classic in my opinion and one of my favorites of the genre.

Listen to and download this awesome album for free here


C Y B E R N ∆ Z I – Galactic Lebensraum

Galactic Lebensraum is an album by C Y B E R N ∆ Z I that was self-released in 2016. The music C Y B E R N ∆ Z I makes is fashwave, an alt-right neo-nazi subgenre of synthwave with a really awesome aesthetic. It seems the genre hadn’t got much attention until recently, but after some research it looks like its existed for at least a year. I never really got into synthwave stuff, but fashwave piqued by interest with the nazi stuff and the awesome imagery, and the music is awesome~! Fashwave, according to the website BlackSunRadio, is music for alt-righters to meme to. Good music for posting those EPIC Pepe memes fam haha xDDD troll dem cuccs, enter kekdom : – )

This is a really dope album. The melodies on this are awesome and really nicely done. Very obvious 80s vibes which is to be expected. But the melodies are much better than what I expected, they sound really good and well developed song structures. The music sounds very 80s, the melodies are great, the drums are dated, and there’s a great assortment of synths.

Listen and download for free here


Also, check out my racist music disclaimer ->here<-

Onii~cholas ‎- Loops And Shit

Whoa! Sorry for this post being so late in the day (11:40 PM), I totally forgot!

Loops And Shit is an EP by Onii~cholas that was released on Vitamin C Records in 2012. This EP is instrumental hip-hop.

This is a really nice hip-hop EP. The melodies in it are made out of chopped samples and it sounds really chill. The way the samples have been cut up and the choice of samples sounds really nice, especially in the track “give me”. It sounds happy, care-free, lively, and like summer. The percussion on this is of course nice too.

Download this awesome EP for free here


Yikole – Getting Closer

Getting Closer is a single by Yikole that was released on the label International Furry Collective in 2016. This single is electro.

This is a really nice little release. The track is very melody driven and the melody is dope. It sounds pretty and somewhat melancholic.  There’s also a nice looped reggae stab with delay on it looping which helps create a richer soundscape and sounds really nice. This stuff is over a dubsteppy beat.

Listen to and download this awesome single for free here


Fun-Da-Mental – There Shall Be Love!

There Shall Be Love! is an album by Fun-Da-Mental that was released on a variety of labels in 2001. This album is experimental hip-hop. Fun-Da-Mental are pro-Islam group that sometimes gets pro-terrorism.

This is a really dope album. Its full Middle Eastern and African singing which sound awesome over the beats. The beats are hip-hop beats that often heavily incorporate world music percussion. This album has a really cool sound to it.

You can listen to it here (its a playlist so it should play through it)

Miha Kralj ‎- Andromeda

Andromeda is an album by Miha Kralj ‎that was released on the label PGP RTB (aka Produkcija Gramofonskih Ploča Radio Televizije Beograd) in 1980. This album is ambient.

Despite being ambient this album sometimes gets upbeat, there’s lots of percussion too. This album is full of old synths and moog sounds. The melodies sometimes build up and become rather epic sounding. Many of the melodies sound like music for a space adventure, stuff for big moments and stuff for just hanging out in the spaceship. There is also tons of little sci-fi sounds that really help deliver this feel.

Listen to this awesome album here