pyonpyon hardcore substance – Would you mind touching my heartbreak once again?

Lolicore, one of my absolute favorite genres, and the genre that has the biggest involvement with my life. Despite this I really don’t post it here that often, anyways, onto the review~

Would you mind touching my heartbreak once again? is an album by pyonpyon hardcore substance that was self-released in 2016 as part of the faux-collective endless saturday.mp3. As you can guess from the opening monologue of this review, this album is lolicore.

Whats interesting about pyonpyon hardcore substance is that his pyonpyon hardcore substance stuff often samples tracks with male vocals. This is pretty uncommon in lolicore, where female vocal samples often reign supreme. The tracks he sampled give the album an awesome Summer vacation vibe. Happy and carefree. His breaks are sample-delic, fast, and upbeat. The fast breaks with the J-rock samples, and sometimes speedcore/gabber, combined with the short track lengths lead to awesome bursts of lolicore energy.

Listen to and download this awesome album here



D.FREQ.CRUSH is an album by KITCALIBER that was released in 2012 on the label Lapfox Trax. This album is mostly hardcore, but also speedcore and breakcore. Also, yes I know anything Lapfox Trax isn’t really obscure but posting this anyways!

This is a really interesting artist/album because they have combined hardcore and similar genres with rock elements. The hardcore and speedcore is really good, hard, upbeat, and fast. There’s really nice stuff going on that makes you really want to move to it. The rock elements come in through various elements. There is vocals in this, but they sound like a mix between computer voices and singing (actually I’m pretty sure KITCALIBER modifies text to speech into singing). There is some rock riffs too and guitar which sounds really dope when added to electronic stuff. It sometimes even breaks out into full on rock stuff, but totally makes it work.

Listen to and download this awesome album for free here

DJ東国原 – ヒガシコクバリズム

ヒガシコクバリズム is an album by DJ東国原 that was released on the label UGU in 2007. This album is lolicore.

This is an awesome lolicore album that never really gained any traction for some reason and stayed in obscurity. Maybe because there’s no cute lolis on the cover and just a happy old dude? Who knows, but this album is awesome~! This release is full of noisy chaotic breakcore accompanied by speedcore over various anisons (anime songs) and j-pop tracks, as well as some other samples. This album is hard, loud, noisy, intense, and exactly what I would call top-notch lolicore. I love this album a ton~

Download this awesome album for free here

Mu-Ziq ‎- Lunatic Harness

Lunatic Harness is an album by µ-Ziq (sometimes written as Mu-Ziq) ‎that was released on a few different labels jointed together, the main being Virgin, in 1997. µ-Ziq isn’t that obscure (especially considering that he’s done an album with Aphex Twin) and he now runs one of the main IDM labels, Planet Mu. Planet Mu was just a sub-label / category thing of Virgin at the time this album was released, but Mike Paradinas (µ-Ziq’s real name) pushed Planet Mu into an independent label. Despite µ-Ziq not being that obscure, I’m posting this anyways because he’s like my favorite musician, and this is one of the best albums ever created.

This album is IDM and Drill n Bass, with lots of elements of jungle (but zero ragga vocals). µ-Ziq is known for his fun and very unique melodies. His melodies are often untypical of the genre and makes him really stand out. But, in this album (and many other works of his) he perfectly blends his own unique style with more expected melodies and vibes of IDM, creating awesome melodies and an awesome listening experience. One of the things that makes IDM my favorite genre is how artist blend the happy and the melancholic together, perfectly into one awesome experience that is both cheerful and sad. Of course some tracks on this lean more towards happy or more towards brooding, but both sides are awesome.

This leads me to my next point, µ-Ziq does a great job of mixing the aggressive and the beautiful; another thing I love about IDM. Awesome drill n bass and jungle breaks hard beats and fast tempos over really pretty and calm melodies. Its awesome and µ-Ziq does a great job doing it.

Lunatic Harness is an awesome, excellent, and actually perfect, album. µ-Ziq lets his very unique style shine while still delivering excellent and top notch IDM that gives you all the vibes you expect and want, but also so much more, in a really unique package.

Now here’s probably too many YouTube links

Propanus – songs to cry over your waifu

songs to cry over your waifu is an album by Propanus that was self-released in 2015. This album is lolicore.

This is an awesome album with a really good classic/oldschool sound to it. Tons of anisons (anime songs) and J-pop samples covered in speedcore kicks. Awesome lolicore tracks with fast beats and simplistic anime sample editing. There’s a bunch of amen breaks a la breakcore too which ofcourse sounds awesome. This album is really dope and I love how oldschool it sounds.

Listen and download this awesome album for free here

Onomatopeee ‎- あにこあ


Its truly shocking to me how little lolicore I’ve posted on this blog. Lolicore is in my top three favorite genres and is a huge part of my life so I really should talk about it more (especially since I know everything there is to know about the genre). For those who don’t know, lolicore is a genre that started on 4chan in 2006. Common themes in lolicore are lolicon (Wikipedia if not familiar), anime, Japanese culture (mostly otaku stuff), pedophilia, and perversion. The genre also constantly remixes anime openings & j-pop, and samples tons of anime. The genre heavily takes aspects from genres like breakcore, speedcore, gabber, and noise, but other genres as well. A defining characteristic of lolicore is that it has zero level of expected quality. Artists can slap an unedited amen break over an anime sample with some offbeat speedcore and it would be 100% acceptable. Of course many artists do actually put effort in their music.

Now onto the review…
あにこあis an album by Onomatopeee that was released on the label Onomatopia in 2006. Despite this being a very early album in the genre’s existence it is greatly unknown with only more hardcore lolicorers like myself knowing of it. This album is also extremeley good and one of my favorites in the genre.

The album samples tons of anisongs (anime songs) and j-pop songs that are then overlayed with an assault of speedcore, breakcore, and screaming which all almost entirely drown out the samples. I absolutely love Omomatopeee’s style and he has such an awesome, perfect, oldskool sound, well this is very oldskool so of course it does! The addition of the vocals is very unique and further pushes the energy and intensity of the album. The breakcore is awesome too and nice and chaotic. Since this is lolicore, there are songs and parts that are barely edited, if at all, j-pop samples. This stuff sounds awesome too and again, sounds very oldskool. It helps push the happy feel and vibe of the album.

This album was actually released on a CDr, physical releases are very rare in the genre, especially during the time this came out. It is unknown to me if it ever got officially released digitally but I’m putting a download anyways since that’s part of the genres vibe. Onomatopeee is one of the few lolicore artists that are actually from Japan too.

Download and listen below

Hrvatski – Swarm & Dither

Swarm & Dither is an album by Hrvatski that was released in 2002 on the label Planet Mu. Hrvatski is known for his unique take on breakcore, drill and bass, and IDM.

Hrvatski’s stuff is very spastic, constantly changing and mismatching drums with a multitude of various effects. His music is ever changing yet consistent at the same time. His breaks are awesome and the amount they mix up in the songs leads for an awesome listening experience. He also takes on a very abstract feel, abstract experimental breakcore and IDM, the two genres being perfectly blended together. His melodies are beautiful and use lots of stuff like guitars. The tracks range from fast-paced breakcore, dope IDM, ambient, and his abstract breakcore. His music is very unique, constantly evolving, breaks that constantly fade in and out of intensity and fractured apart experimentalism drowned in effects and tempo changes.

He’s one of my absolute favorite musicians, listen to the full album here (Also, he remixes Kid606):