祈り is an album by BELLZLLEB released in 1990 on Nude Records. BELLZLLEB usually do a mix of thrash/doom/black metal but this release is much different, calm acoustic rock.

This release has no percussion, its mostly acoustic guitar, vocals, and a synth. The atmosphere on this album is really good. It has a dark and somewhat drawn out sound due to the vocals and deep atmospheric synths that lurk quietly under the other elements. There’s varying levels of reverb and what sounds like very slight and very slow/gradual modulation on the vocals and guitar. This combined with the repetitive guitar and droning synths and odd singing creates  a really hypnotic vibe. The singing ranges from more “traditional” singing to stuff that sounds angelic and very atmospheric.

Listen to this awesome album here (also the album cover looks like it could be a weird PS1 game cover to me)