Adolf Satan

Adolf Satan – Adolf Satan

Adolf Satan is an album by Adolf Satan that was released on the label Bestial Onslaught Productions in 2004. This album is doom metal.

This album has really awesome heavy riffs. The guitar has so much weight to it its like some oversized Acme anvil crashing down at each strum. The music has a really awesome groove to it, obviously slower than majority of metal, but still upbeat enough to really be rocking. The album actually does get upbeat a lot, but still has an awesome doom sound. The vocals on this album and are high pitched, letting them cut through all the low frequencies like butter. They sound very Anal Cunt-esque, leading people to be confused thinking Seth Putnam did the vocals (which he didn’t but he did do drums for awhile for the band [not this album]). They also sometimes have a much different and really unique sound, and are the slowest aspect of the music.

Listen to this awesome album here