1980’s music

Victoire De Castellane ‎- Pas D’Hélices Aux Avions

Pas D’Hélices Aux Avions is an EP released by Victoire De Castellane ‎on the label Carrere in 1987. This EP is chanson.

This is such a great chanson EP. The first track, Pas D’Hélices Aux Avions, has such a great 80s pop sound. Really cheesy but catchy melodies, dated drums, and great singing, all with heavy pop vibes. I really love this track~

The second track,  Ondes De Choc, takes the release in a somewhat different direction. Still obviously pop, but is really obviously a B-Side due to the obviously lower level of production. This track is still awesome though. It has a club beat, but much slower melodies. It sounds more emotional than the other track which is just full on fun. I really like the melodies, her singing, and the vibes/atmosphere on this track.

Listen to this awesome EP here


Friandises ‎- Les Moules Et Les Frites

Les Moules Et Les Frites is an EP by Friandises ‎that was released on the label Philips in 1983. This release is French synth-pop.

This is a really awesome two track EP. The tracks are fun and full of great sounding sounds that I’ve only heard in underground 80s pop. There’s also a very obvious French vibe to this release, especially when the accordion comes in. Accordion + synth pop sounds like it might be an odd mix, but it sounds awesome. The melodies and singing is great too.

Listen to this EP here

Lio – Lio

Lio is an album by Lio that was released in 1980 on the label Ariola. This album is French pop and synth-pop.

This is such an amazing album~! This is really some top notch pop music. The melodies on this album are really good. The vibes in this album are so nice, mostly happy and fun with a good amount variety of melodies and feels. Lio’s singing and voice is really awesome too. Everything in this album is awesome.

Listen to it here

Mon Mon Club – Mon Mon Club

Mon Mon Club is an album by Mon Mon Club that was released on both Zero Records and Toypick in 1986. This album is new wave.

In Japan during the 80s there was tons of happy sounding new wave bands, this is one of those bands. The music sounds happy, care free, and summery. This album does have obvious rock elements in this. There is also some tracks which sound like marching band music with children’s music elements, this tracks are really awesome too and my favorites on the album. The album has both a male and female vocalist, but the album is almost entirely the male vocalist.

Listen to this awesome album here

Gilles De Rais – Gilles De Rais

Gilles De Rais is a single by Gilles De Rais that was released in 1981 on Aspirin Records. This album is goth rock and new wave. This release consists of two tracks, but I can only find the first one.

This is a really awesome and interesting release. All of the instruments sound electronic. Drum machine percussion, dark electronic synths, and various sounds. The synths sometimes get a bit noisy at times. The singing in this track is awesome~! The vocalist is male and his vocals are very dragged out and slow. His voice is awesome and there’s really neat stuff going on in his voice, it sounds very ghostly and is awesome. This release carries an awesome dark gothic vibe to it.

Listen to the track I can find here

Corina Corrina ‎- Sentimental Boy

Sentimental Boy is a two track EP by Corina Corrina ‎that was released on Aspirin Records in 1985. This EP is hard to label to a genre, but its listed as new wave on Discogs so lets go with that.

New wave elements are definitely present in this album, but its much different than any of the new wave I’ve posted before. The first track has lots of jazzy latin piano in it. There’s also a drum machine too, synths, strings, and I think there’s even an accordion. The structure and vibe of the track is interesting for a new wave track, it has such heavy latin vibes. The second track also has piano but the vibe is totally different, this track is much more orchestral. Lots of sting use and the singing is much more ballad like than new wave.

This is an interesting and awesome release, listen to it here

須山久美子 ‎- 虫の時

虫の時 is an album by 須山久美子 ‎that was released on Zero Records in 1985. This album is ballad.

This album is entirely vocals and piano. The album is calm and sounds sad and dark. Her singing is really nice. The piano sounds dark and is mostly low notes.

Listen to this album below