Just a bored hikikomori who wants to share great music.

Lolicore, J-Pop (Mostly 80s and 70s), Breakcore, Experimental, Noise, Laptop Micro-Autism, Vaporwave, Mallsoft, Speedcore, Splittercore, Extratone, Moetone, Pianocore, Techno, House, Acid/Acid House, IDM, Glitch, Glitchcore, Shitfunk, Noisegrind, Gorenoise, Pornoise, Porngrind, Grindcore, Goregrind, Loligrind, Cybergrind, Scum, Noisecore, Shitcore, New Wave, Ambient, Drone, Drone Doom, NESBM, NSBM, Atmospheric Black Metal, Post-Black Metal, Raw Black Metal, Pre-Hispanic Black Metal, Black Ambient, Blacknoise, Dungeon Synth, Synth-pop, City Pop, Euro House/Euro Dance, J-Rap, Cloud Rap,Emotional Trap, Eastern European Rap, Horrorcore, Gore Rap, Future Funk, Trap, Vaportrap, Tech-house, Minimal Techno/House, Mashcore, Mashups, Avant-garde, Power Electronics, Chinese/Vietnamese/Laos/Etc Folk, North Korean Propaganda Pop & Military Music, EBM, Industrial, Samplecore, Turntablism, Instrumental Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Drill & Bass, Minimal, Lowercase, Field Recordings, Avant-garde Children’s Music/Children’s Music, Avant-pop, Dream Pop, Chiptune, Gabber, Hardcore, Raggacore, Jungle, Post-rock, War Trance, Tribal Ambient, Dark Ambient, Sonifications, Futurism, Japanese Sound Poetry, Electro, Moeclick, Shoegaze/Blackgaze, Jazz, Anime/Game Soundtracks, Noise Pop, Moog Music, Indonesian Pop, Pornographic Enka, Nuwrld, Hardvapour, Hardvapour Rap, Eurovapour, Goreline, Goth Rock, Field Recording Grindcore, K-Pop (Mostly 80s), Disco, RAC, Denpa, Grungecore, Visual Kei, Xwave, Fashwave, and more….

~by the way I post daily but the site messes the dates all up~

If you have any questions


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