ALIENOOD420 – SplashZone

I’m back to posting~! Its been so long since the last time I posted a review. I kind of burned out and after a very long (probably too long) break I’m back~! Expect reviews daily again~!

SplashZone is an album by ALIENOOD420  that was released on the label H.V.R.F. CENTRAL COMMAND in 2016. SplashZone is one of the albums that made me go back to posting. The music ALIENOOD420 makes is the new genre, Xwave. Xwave is born out of hardvapour (a subgenre of vaporwave) and is themed on aliens instead of the underground Ukrainian raves associated with hardvapour. Xwave has a much different sound than its parent genre, and I feel that this album is really good example of it.

First thing you’ll notice is the heavy use of melodies, something that isn’t the focus in hardvapour. Lots of slow sweeping synths combined with faster trance synths somewhat reminiscent of early 2000s and late 1990s dance music. This drastically sets Xwave apart from hardvapour, and is a really nice addition. ALIENOOD420 has really nice melodies going on, dancey but atmospheric at the same time. Another thing that’s different with xwave is the drums. They sound like a mix of footwork, IDM, hip-hop, and trap. The genre as a whole actually has some IDM vibes, the same upbeat but ambient stuff going on, but taken in a whole new, much more 2001 club friendly, direction. I think this genre has already pretty much died, which really sucks since Xwave is awesome.

Listen and download for free here


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