Corina Corrina ‎- Sentimental Boy

Sentimental Boy is a two track EP by Corina Corrina ‎that was released on Aspirin Records in 1985. This EP is hard to label to a genre, but its listed as new wave on Discogs so lets go with that.

New wave elements are definitely present in this album, but its much different than any of the new wave I’ve posted before. The first track has lots of jazzy latin piano in it. There’s also a drum machine too, synths, strings, and I think there’s even an accordion. The structure and vibe of the track is interesting for a new wave track, it has such heavy latin vibes. The second track also has piano but the vibe is totally different, this track is much more orchestral. Lots of sting use and the singing is much more ballad like than new wave.

This is an interesting and awesome release, listen to it here


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