DARKPYRAMID – A Heart Full Of Love

A Heart Full Of Love is an album by DARKPYRAMID that was released on the label Dream Catalogue in 2014. I know that both DARKPYRAMID and Dream Catalogue aren’t that obscure but I’m posting this anyways. This album is vaporwave.

This album is a concept album about a man who works at the “Dark Pyramid”, a research lab that produces androids, and a female android whom he has fallen in love with. The album tells the story through the vague track titles, the vibes of the tracks/the tracks themselves, and the brief story in the album info. Here is the story:

A Heart Full Of Love
2302 AD
A story from the black heart of the dark pyramid.

She was just a test model.
“But she was mine,” he said.

The album very much captures the story its trying to tell and it must be listened from beginning to end (no skipping around) to be fully appreciated and effective. The music on this album is awesome. Its very ambient with slow, calm, looping melodies. The sound of the tracks range between stuff that is more obviously vaporwave to different not so obvious sounds. The music can sound rather emotional too, which is perfect for the concept of the album. This album has a great atmosphere to it and is very of sounds such as rain, oceans, and large groups of people talking, all of which really build and develop the soundscape of the album. Some of the tracks have some percussion to them, usually stuff that mixes in with the ambiance but some have some minimalistic hip-hop percussion added which sounds really dope.

This is an amazing album, listen to it for free and purchase here



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