Kane Grocerys – 777

777 is an album by Kane Grocerys that was released on Goth Money Records in 2015. This album is trap.

This a really awesome trap album. The beats on it are really dope and have a really awesome and sound and vibe to them. Its hard to describe them but it sounds like the beats themselves are on lean, melodies slow and chopping in a slurry way over dope and hard beats. Constantly changing pitch and slowing down, messy yet together, and mildly disorientating, especially for trap beats. Some tracks go really deep into this sound, and some not so much, but all are awesome. The vocals are great too. Kane provides both tracks with trap chant type lyrics (aka very repetitive stuff with the usual rap themes) and tracks with way more legitimate lyrics (usually still about the usual rap themes, with some Christian themes here and there (but it still goes hard)).

This is such a great album, and the track “Krucifix” is so dope~

Listen for free and purchase here



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