Norken – Soul Static Bureau

Soul Static Bureau is an album by Norken that was first released in 1999 on the label Beau Monde, then later re-released in 2001 on the label Hydrogen Dukebox. This album is IDM and deep house.

This is a really amazing album and one of the best house albums ever made. This album has such a great vibe, crisp and clean, robotic yet emotional. The album is full of dope (and very well mixed) sub-bass that really helps deliver the awesome rhythms that are present. There is also some dope IDM and tech-housey shuffling percussion too that helps build up and complicate the rhythm. Its done in such a way that’s its both simple and minimal, but has a complexity to it too. There’s of course obvious heavy house influences in the percussion too. Melodies have lots of slow synths, tons of little blips and bleeps, and some more synths. In a few tracks there’s some cut up acoustic instruments too, which despite the very electronic sound in the rest of the album, this tracks still very much work. The melodies on this are awesome, ranging from very robot sounding stuff, to happier stuff, to more serious stuff. The track “Motor Breeze” is really amazing. Also, I LOVE the album cover, its very aesthetically pleasing but also really goes with the music. Sadly though, the 1999 version has a boring ugly cover.

Listen to this awesome for free and purchase here


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