iNAEsser – iNAEsser

iNAEsser is an album by iNAEsser that was self-released in 2016. This album is trap and electro, with elements of trance. This album features previously released tracks and new versions of tracks that were released under different aliases across a few albums. One of these aliases being the now defunct secretive, Miniqueen. Miniqueen was an alias he had made with all secret releases only given out to friends (and yes I have them (and no I’m not uploading them)). Accompanying these older tracks and new versions and some entirely new tracks. iNAEsser is like a sequel to Miniqueen as it carries the same dancing little girl theme, sound, and is literally the replacement for Miniqueen. Miniqueen was written as  miniQuEEN in the releases by the way. This is also the same guy behind stuff like Battle Lolis and Eulalia. Anyways, onto the album I’m talking about and enough about the fun facts.

This is a really nice album that combines trap and electro very nicely. The tracks usually switch between the two genres, but does also integrate them together more. The beats are really nice on this and have a really crisp clean sound to them. They sometimes get rather complex and fast for trap too. The electro parts are really dope too. The electro stuff isn’t all poppy and happy, it sounds more dark and menacing, but still somehow keeps the fun vibes of the genre. I really like the melodies in this too, especially in the track “DP” which is a new version of one of my favorite tracks by him, “The Joctah”, which was originally on a two track 2013 EP with an album cover that I immediately deleted. This album is really dope.

Also, there’s more images like the cover art, in the download (some more provocative and with younger girls than on the cover). So be careful who sees your screen and maybe not download this if you use a shared computer (unless the person you share it with is a pedophile then you’re fine).

Download here~


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