Mr.POPO aka Popolow – Play Da Lead-EP vol.1

Play Da Lead-EP vol.1 is an EP by Mr.POPO aka Popolow that was self-released in 2015. This EP is J-rap.

This is a really nice rap EP with some good variety to it. Ignoring the two second intro track, the first two real tracks have a very Japanese net-rap sound to them. The beats on these two track very traditional for this scene in J-rap; the way the samples are cut up, looped, and the overall sound, and the percussion style aswell. Mr.POPO’s vocals are great and he has a good flow. The third track is totally different than the rest of the EP and is a dark sounding trap tune. This track is pretty dope too and shows that Mr.POPO can do more than one style. Next track is really dope track over a popular rap instrumental (which I love), it sounds so crisp and clean. Then it closes with a really good slow jazzy hip-hop track.

Listen to and download this awesome EP for free here


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