Aunt Sally – Aunt Sally

Aunt Sally is an album by Aunt Sally that was released in 1979 on Vanity Records. This album is post-punk and new wave.

This is such an awesome album~! Phew, the vocalist, does awesome really awesome vocals and her vocals are perfect for music like this. Her voice is deep and her vocals are monotone and lots of the time sound uninterested, they sound so good. The tracks on this album switch between two different personalities, oddly happy, and dark and moody. The happy ones are really amazing. I love the melodies and the odd vibe to them. The dark tracks are amazing too, but I’m just a sucker for the tpe of melodies in the happy ones. This album is full of slow bass, experimentally and minimally played guitar, various other instruments, and of course drums. The instrumental really does deliver that awesome post-punk sound.

Listen to this awesome album here


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