Eulalia – The Basement Demos

The Basement Demos is an EP by Eulalia that was self-released in 2011. This EP is raw black metal. Eulalia is one of the very first black metal bands I got into (probably the third or second!).

This album is awesome. Raw as fuck distorted black metal. The first track is very raw and sounds distorted and is rather hard to decipher whats going on. The second track is fast, intense, and aggressive. Fast blast beats and dope guitar all recorded raw with some weird crackly sounds in the mix. The guitar goes from riffs to just playing chaotically. The third track introduces vocals that sound awesome and like they have some reverb on them. This track is raw too with the same buzzing. In some parts the guitar drowns out the drums and its awesome. The EP closes with a track that’s much less raw than the others that has great riffs and blast beats.

I also love this band’s imagery. Lynette Bishop from the best anime ever Strike Witches and black metal, what is there not to love~!

Download this awesome EP for free here


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