Blue Monster – Blue Monster

Blue Monster is an album by Blue Monster (sometimes written as Blue Monster And Bikki) in 2002 on Sisraeb Production and Warner Bros. Records. This album is euro house.

Sometimes euro house acts would have a theme to set it apart, marketing, or someone’s creative direction. This one is themed on a big blue monster creatively named, Blue Monster. The Blue Monster does sing in the tracks but he’s mostly limited to back up and random sections, like how the male vocalists usually are in euro house. His voice is deep and gravely and its definitely unique but totally works. Bikki, the female vocalist, is the main vocals. She does really good euro house vocals. Lots of the lyrics are about the blue monster, their relationship, dancing, etc. The music itself is fun cheesy and awesome. Upbeat with fun melodies, house beats, and of course synths.

You can listen to a bunch of track below and also watch a rather alarming music video, just make sure no-one else can see your screen.


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