Marsh Goblins – Потому что захотелось

Потому что захотелось is an album by Marsh Goblins (aka Болотные Гоблины) that was released on Popsakal Records in 2011. But seems it was made in 2009. This album is a mix of a bunch of stuff, but most present is experimental and grindcore/noisecore.

This is a really neat album. Upbeat drum machine beats, ranging from speedcore, techno, grindcore, and experimental. Sometimes with break samples. There’s also experimental hip-hop elements. The vocals are angry Russian yelling and sound really awesome, especially over the rest of the music. There’s also spastic accordion playing in a few tracks, this sounds really awesome and unique. There’s flute playing too. There’s a good amount of experimental sounds and a bunch of other elements too. This is a really awesome album.

Listen to and download it for free here


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