Big Sound Series ‎- The Big Sounds Of The Drags!

The Big Sounds Of The Drags! is an album “by” Big Sound Series ‎that was released in 1963 on the label Capitol Records. The album was produced by Jim Economides. This album is field recording.

The subject of this album should be easy to tell from the cover and the title, drag racing. The album is full of automobile sounds. Revving engines, tires tearing up the pavement, cars whizzing past, an engine exploding, and an announcer talking over an intercom. The sound quality on this is really good too, the cars are really clear and loud. There is also a narrator who comes in every now and then to describe what you’ll be hearing next.

Listen to this awesome album here (ignore the low quality on the second video, they uploaded a rather low quality mp3 version for some reason)


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