Анальная Кара Черенком От Лопаты – Гэги И Гранжкор

Гэги И Гранжкор is an album by Анальная Кара Черенком От Лопаты that was released on Immoral Basement Records in 2016. This release is of the seemingly new genre of grungecore. Grungecore seems to have involved out of shitcore, and is a grindcore subgenre.

Besides the length many of the songs don’t really resemble grindcore at all. Since this is the only album in existence of the genre I don’t know if that’s due to this band in particular, the genre, or both. It could be taking the mindset of grunge and applying it to grindcore. Many of the songs are the musicians talking over what sounds like someone tuning a guitar. Its definitely very experimental. Almost all of the songs have zero structure. It will be interesting to see if grungecore lives on for more than one album and to see it evolve if it does.

Listen to and download for free here



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