lil tracy – vampire spending money

vampire spending money  is an EP by lil tracy that was self-released in 2016. This EP is cloud rap and emotional trap.

This is an awesome rap EP. The vibe and atmosphere is dark and melancholic. The beats sample acoustic guitar and the Death Note version of Boards Of Canada’s Turquoise Hexagon Sun. The EP sounds brooding and depressive, but then some of the lyrics have typical rap themes such as having lots of money and so on. Lil Tracy mixes those elements with themes with being depressed and other cloud rap and emotional trap themes. There is also heavy vampire themes present. His vocals are really good and fit the vibe and sound perfectly. This is a really well done EP.

Also, 90’s Bambino (who I’ve posted about before) produced most of it and is featured in the final track.

Listen for free and purchase here


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