Nite School Klik ‎- Nite School Klik EP

Nite School Klik ‎EP is an EP by Nite School Klik that was released in 2015 on the label Liquid Amber. This album is a mix of dubstep, trap, and grime, but is much more artistic than that combination may come off as.

Nite School Klik is a collab between G Jones and the ever popular and well known DJ Shadow. It was created with the intention of the two artists exploring their boundaries and freeing themselves from their expected output (so it sounds nothing like DJ Shadow’s albums). Unconfined to their usual sound, they explored trap and dubstep, with heavy grime elements, and so on.

The EP starts with the banger, Posse (Liquid Amber). The trap and dubstep vibes are very evident in this track. They did a really good job mixing these genres. I usually don’t care for dubstep and they actually made it very enjoyable. Also, this is the dubby type stuff, not brostep. The track has a dark atmosphere and some really nice audio tricks with reverb and and phasing. The EP continues on into the next track, Nice Nightmares (Liquid Amber). This track carries the same vibes as the opener but isn’t as in your face about it. This is a really nice track and they really did some interesting stuff with the genres its based on. The final track is a remix of the second, and it sounds not too much like it. A dope gritty dirty choppy hip-hop and grime track.

This is an awesome EP listen and download for free here


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