Forest of Harambe – Under The Sign of Harambe

Under The Sign of Harambe is an EP by Forest of Harambe that was self-released in 2016 (yesterday actually). This EP is raw black metal, and its also dank as fuck ayy lmoa xDD

Get ready to get your dick out because this release in entirely themed on Harambe. For those who are somehow not in the know of the greatest tragedy since The Holocaust, Harambe was a gorilla that was shot dead at a zoo after a child fell into the exhibit. The world weeps for the loss of a legend, and mass suicides have been apparent. People cry out into the air “IS THIS LOSS!?”. Harambe instantly became a dank me-me instantly after his death. Many online posts and jokes have been dedicated to him and Viper even made a song/album dedicated to God’s greatest creation, yes, even more great than Viper.

Of course it only makes sense for a black metal band to come out of all the despair and pain caused by Harambe’s cruel death. Forest of Harambe have come to deliver the music the world needed. A short and sweet of raw black metal awesomeness full of so much despair that it can topple any and all other black metal musicians. You better not call this a joke because this is the most serious black metal album ever recorded, and the most important album I have ever posted and ever will post here. I actually should just close the blog after this post. You wont want to listen to anything else.

Memes aside, this is actually a pretty dope EP. Its raw but nice and bassy. The vocals are awesome, high pitches screeches channeling Harambe’s spirit and summoning him upon the pentagram made of the blood of children surrounded by bananas. The vocals sound like cool echoes and are sonically under the guitars. The guitars are the loudest part of this, dark repetitive melodies that are actually pretty awesome.

Get your dicks out for Harambe and listen to and download this awesome EP here


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