КРАСОТА is an album by КРАСОТА that was self-released in 2016 (but they claim in 2025). This album is hardvapour.

This is a pretty cool hardvapour album. Some of the tracks of vocal samples of what sounds like Russian pop or club music. The addition of these really gives it a club friendly sound and a unique vibe to it. Despite the happy vocal samples, the album still (for the most part) delivers a dark sound and atmosphere. The 3rd track, you and me vs. THE WeRLD, sounds like a blend between pop music, vaporwave, and hardvapour, and has a totally different feel than the rest of the album. The non-vocal tracks also include a three minute intro track, a dark hardvapour track that sounds like some kind of dnb and dubstep hybrid, and slow techno tune.

Listen to and download this album for free here



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