Werewolf Front ‎- Wolves Of The White North

Wolves Of The White North is an album by Werewolf Front ‎that was both self-released and joint released on Blood & Soil Productions and Sword Productions, all in 2013. This album is nsbm.

This is an awesome black metal album~! It has a really unique sound to it, because some of the tracks actually sound happy, and rather uplifting. The tracks where this happens are really awesome, angry cold black metal, then it out of nowhere breaks out into a happy almost RAC riff. Sometimes the black metal riffs are played at a different key too, giving a happier sound. Both the dark and happy parts sound awesome, and it sounds really cool switching between the two. The vocals on this are excellent and sound really shrill and awesome. The vibe of the album is really dope. The tracks are well written, executed, mixed/mastered, and recorded too (don’t let that wonky logo fool you)~

Listen to this awesome album below


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