High School Drama Teacher – Night of Terror「成人専用」

High School Drama Teacher - Night of Terror「成人専用」 - cover
Night of Terror「成人専用」 is an album by High School Drama Teacher that was released on the label Lost Angles in 2016. This album is vaporwave.

This is a really unique vaporwave album and is unlike much of the genre. First off, the theme is pretty unique (and is awesome~!). The album is meant to be the soundtrack for a 2001 Dreamcast horror game. Of course albums intended to be seen as Dreamcast game soundtracks have happened before, they still stick to common vaporwave visuals and themes. This albums goes in a darker direction, as its meant to simulate the OST of an early 2000s horror game. The album cover fits the theme very well, and so does the music.

Many of the songs on this album don’t sound like the usual vaporwave at all. They’re much more dark, and sinister, and use much different sounding sample material. The tracks create a great atmosphere and really sound like they’re from a video game. This album really does capture the sound and vibe it was going for perfectly, and its awesome. This is one of my favorite vaporwave albums~

Listen to and download this awesome album for free here



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