Mu-Ziq ‎- Lunatic Harness

Lunatic Harness is an album by µ-Ziq (sometimes written as Mu-Ziq) ‎that was released on a few different labels jointed together, the main being Virgin, in 1997. µ-Ziq isn’t that obscure (especially considering that he’s done an album with Aphex Twin) and he now runs one of the main IDM labels, Planet Mu. Planet Mu was just a sub-label / category thing of Virgin at the time this album was released, but Mike Paradinas (µ-Ziq’s real name) pushed Planet Mu into an independent label. Despite µ-Ziq not being that obscure, I’m posting this anyways because he’s like my favorite musician, and this is one of the best albums ever created.

This album is IDM and Drill n Bass, with lots of elements of jungle (but zero ragga vocals). µ-Ziq is known for his fun and very unique melodies. His melodies are often untypical of the genre and makes him really stand out. But, in this album (and many other works of his) he perfectly blends his own unique style with more expected melodies and vibes of IDM, creating awesome melodies and an awesome listening experience. One of the things that makes IDM my favorite genre is how artist blend the happy and the melancholic together, perfectly into one awesome experience that is both cheerful and sad. Of course some tracks on this lean more towards happy or more towards brooding, but both sides are awesome.

This leads me to my next point, µ-Ziq does a great job of mixing the aggressive and the beautiful; another thing I love about IDM. Awesome drill n bass and jungle breaks hard beats and fast tempos over really pretty and calm melodies. Its awesome and µ-Ziq does a great job doing it.

Lunatic Harness is an awesome, excellent, and actually perfect, album. µ-Ziq lets his very unique style shine while still delivering excellent and top notch IDM that gives you all the vibes you expect and want, but also so much more, in a really unique package.

Now here’s probably too many YouTube links


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