Endless Dismal Moan – Endless Dismal Moan

Endless Dismal Moan is an album by Endless Dismal Moan that was released on the label blackmetal.com in 2005. This album is black metal. Sadly, the band ended in 2008 when the sole member, Chaos 9, committed suicide.

This album has a really unique sound to it and is unlike any of the black metal that I’ve posted before. The melodies, pacing, and structure of many of the riffs is rather untraditional for the genre. Lots of the time it goes like DUNDUNDUNDUN with each DUN getting lower. There is also some more less common riff styles throughout, and of course tracks that have that classic black metal sound. The percussion gets really fast at times, and sometimes becomes a wall of sound. The vocals on this are dope too, really good shrieking. This album is crazy good, and I totally recommend it.

Listen to this awesome album here


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