Трупосжигательная печь – Goreline Terror

Goreline Terror is an EP by Трупосжигательная печь that was released on the label Popsakal in 2014. This album is dark ambient, raw black metal, horror synth, and goreline.

Трупосжигательная печь is seemingly the inventor of the microgenre goreline. Based on the stylistic elements of the genre, and the “power electronics” tag in upload, I believe goreline is a subgenre of power electronics. Very few songs of this genre exists, and it’s characteristics are: extremely repetitive loops, minimalistic (almost entirely just the loop), and the loop is just a looped oscillating sine wave that’s quickly dipping up and down in pitch. The track, Goreline Terror, is the goreline track on this release.

The first track is the horror synth one. This track feels more dark ambient and doesn’t sound like crappy horror movie music disco like how most horror synth is. The second two tracks are the raw black metal ones. These tracks are very short for black metal (30 seconds each) and are so raw I didn’t even recognize it as black metal my first listen. It sounds like it was recorded with the lowest quality equipment possible, then from a very far distance with many walls in between. Which is all good things by the way. EP closes with a slow minimal dark ambient track using an organ.

Listen and download this awesome EP for free here



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