Arakawa Rap Brothers ‎- Arakawa魂

Arakawa魂 is an EP by Arakawa Rap Brothers that was released in 1992 on Sony Records. As you probably guessed from the artist name, this album is rap, specifically J-rap.

This album really has a fun sound and vibe to it. The personality in the album art definitely matches the personality in the music. The album is really upbeat and the percussion has such a great dated sound to it, so does various other elements in the tracks. The tracks get melodic too with some melodies going on, utilizing synths, samples, and guitars; definitely has a radio-friendly sound. The rapping too is of course dope. Their style really matches the beats well. The final track is much slower with lots of singing with a more emotional sounding beat, the vocals sound humorous at times though, this track has a silly fun vibe to it.

Listen to this awesome EP below


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