yung stab – nemu​-​wave vol. 1

nemu-wave vol. 1 is an album by yung stab that was self-released in 2016. This album is instrumental trap.

This is a pretty dope album with a nice variety of vibes going on. The opening track “Tennenkyara wa go Aikyou edit” kicks things off with a fun happy vibe. Sounds like the OST from a slice of life anime chopped up and put to a trap beat. The album then quickly goes down a much different route with three tracks that have much darker atmospheres. These tracks are also trap and dope. The last two tracks, “FUTA” (Futa is short for futanari which means girls with dicks for those who didn’t know :3) and “cutie cloud whistle” are definitely my favorite tracks on the release. The melody are really crisp and pretty and the percussion is really on point, these tracks have such a great vibe and sound to them.

Listen and download this album for free here


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