Jana Winderen – Energy Field

Energy Field is an album by Jana Winderen that was released on the label Touch in 2010. This album is ambient, drone, experimental ambient, and field recordings.

Jana Winderen is a musician who is obsessed with Arctic and Northern aquatic soundscapes. Some of the sounds in this album are: water, ice crackling, wind, birds, schools of fish, and so on. She has done both above and below water field recordings for this album and captured some pretty cool and pretty sounds. There is also a bunch of ambient drone stuff made out of the recordings that goes along with all of the water sounds and wind and so on. This album has a very distant, ominent, unfriendly, cold, vibe to it and I love it. The ambient melodies are really awesome slow drones and when accompanied with all the aquatic sounds it really creates an amazing atmosphere.

Listen for free and purchase below



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