Definite Hate – Welcome To The South

Welcome To The South is an album by Definite Hate that was originally released in 2005 on NorthX Records. This album is RAC.

This album definitely has a hard rock and punk sound to it. The album has a unique sound to it, the vocals aren’t rough at all. The vocals are interesting this, they’re very monotone and stay at one consistent pitch and energy throughout the album. They’re very clear and easy to tell what he’s being said, which is a heavy focus point in their music. Lyrics are of course full of a bunch of racist stuff and is trying to spread a message that white people need to rise up and what not. The album also has an odd sense of cheesiness to it, most apparent in the title/opening track “Welcome To The South”, but that just makes me like it more.

Also, these guys don’t fuck around. The member, Wade Michael Page, did a mass shooting in a Sikh temple in 2012, killing six people, and injuring four others. After being shot by police he committed suicide. You can read more about it here if interested: Did this nigga think Indians did 9/11?

Happy 4th of July everybody~!

Check out some tracks from this awesome album below, and also if you’re new here my racist music disclaimer:



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