Xenophobia – Vomit on the Rabbi

Vomit on the Rabbi is an album by Xenophobia that was self-released in 2004. This album is raw black metal and NSBM.

For the few who are blessed to experience this album, many absolutely despise it. People really hate this album, often giving the lowest reviews and ratings possible. But, this album is actually crazy good and one of my favorite black metal albums. This album is very raw, to the extent that sometimes guitars sound like someone vacuuming on a floor above you. And to the point that sometimes instruments (often the drums) get totally lost in the sauce. The melodies in this are dope, very aggressive and angry sounding. There is also some acoustic stuff, this sounds really dope too and ranges from more experimental melodies to black metal melodies. The vocals sound angry and hateful, they’re almost entirely incoherent screaming. This album is really awesome and kicks ass. This album really takes the concept of black metal being inaccessible full force, to the point that even black metal people hate it. I very much feel this is one of the best black metal albums made.

Listen to this awesome album here
And for newcomers check out my racist music disclaimer:


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